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Spell Index => Spiritual Spells => Peace Spells

Peace spells are not generally the type of spells which will bring peace on Earth but they do create more peaceful situation.

Generally a peace spell will create an aura of peace around you. All spirits moving near and though will will be at peace with themselves and the others around them. As time goes on this peaceful feeling spreads.

How far this spreads and how long the effect lasts is based partly on the strength of the caster, but more so on the level of peace of the caster. Usually once the caster becomes upset or angry the spell will be broken.

More Free Peace Spells

Give Someone Compassion
Holy Peace Spell
Invoke Kwan Yin
Luna Charm
Meditation Stone
New Moon Psychic Bath
Orange Fortune Spell
PDivine Purification
Peace Ritual
Potion of Happiness
Protection from Angels
Pumpkin Spell
Return Summoning
Simple Protection Spell
Starting a New
Sweet Spell
Visualization Meditation
Angel Summoning
Aura Cleansing
Banishing Jar
Bath Spell for Negativity
Buddhist Blessing and Healing
Calm Your Spirit
Calming Sleep Potion
Calming/Focusing Chant
Cleansing the Spirit
Control Your Fears
Dark Curse
Dream Tea
Egg Bath for Peace
Family Peace
Finding Your Spirit Guide
Free Me
Ghostly Candle
Healing Spell
Home Cleansing Spell
House Blessing
Lotus Blessing
Moon Meditation
Nightmare Repelling Herb Pouch
Peace and Light
Peace in a Moment
Prayer of the Native Americans
Release Your Anger
Rising Sun of Hope
Sleep Chant
Spell of Self Happiness
Stop Nightmares
The Meditation Position
Unity charm
Wildlife Healing
9 Protection
A Peaceful Home
A Sleep Spell (By Insidious)
Angel Path
Anti Anxiety
Anti-Nightmare Sash
Archangel Shamael
Ash Meditation Chant
Ball of Light
Banish Anger and Stress Chant
Banish Evil
Basic Sage Cleansing
Be A Good Person
Be More Happy
Become a Demon Zombie
Born Agian
Bring Love To You
Calming Ritual
Charm Against Evil Spirits
Clean Clothes
Cord of Love
Curage Chant
Cutie Mark Spell
Dinner Prayer
Draw Down The Moon
Ease a Stressed Mind
Elements spell
Energy Summoning
Eternity Protection Charm
Give Away Feelings of Hate
Good Luck Spell
Happiness Potion
Healing Moon Chant
Heather Besom
Herbal Sleep Aid
House Blessing Powder
How to Reconcile
Invoke Happiness
Kitchen Witch Bottle
Liberation Seal
Lords Prayer
Love Potion
Luck Spell
Luna Charm
Mantra of Guan Yin
Meditation for Troubled Mind
Moon Wishing
Mother Mary
Negativity Energy
Nights Protection
Object of Acception
Paper Charm to Heal a Heart
Peace in Mind
Peace of Mind
Peace with Candles
Peaceful Sleep
Please wait for Me
Practice Visualization
Prayer for better life
Protect from Harm
Protection Chant
Protection Charm
Protection from Ghosts
Protection Powder
Quiet a Noisy House
RainBow Candle Spell
Reileve Anxiety
Relax Yourself
Relaxation Spell
Relaxing Bath
Releasing Anger
Repel Spiders
Reverse a Spell
Samhain oil
Say thank you spell
Shipping Spell
Simple Match Spell for Anger
Simple Strengthening
Sleep and Lullaby
Sleep Tight
Special Elemental Chant
Spirit Bow and Arrow
Stop depression
Stress Be Gone!
Sturdy Sleep
SUPER easy relaxtion
To Assist in Sleep
To find What is Lost
True Love
Water Element
Water Meditation Spell
Who They Really Are
Acceptance Spell
Angel's Peace
Anger Management
Anti-Nightmare Prayer Spell
Banishing Grief
Basic Sleeping
Bind a Person Away From You
Bless Spirits
Call Upon Gods/Deities to Help
Calming spell
Chakra list
Crystal Ball
Dream Spell
Free of Past Pain Spell
Get Rid of Negative Energy
Good Luck
Good Luck Spell
Happiness Spell
Herbal Milk Bath
Holy Transformation
Home Blessing Candle Spell
Invocation to Sigyn
Locator Spell
Make Bugs Stop Bothering You
Make Someone Not Be Rude
Meditation for Relaxing
Mental Healing Bath
Overall Positivity
Peace in My Life
Peaceful Dreams Spell
Peaceful Home Spell Bag
Protection (For Helpers)
Protection Spell
Purifying Emotions
Relax and Imagine
Retrieve Your Soul
Samhain chant
Schizophrenia Stop
Sleep Spell
Starry Good Night Charm
Tell the truth
The J'Adore Spell
To Bless Oneself
To Find Answers
Warding off the Devil
Wishful Thinking
Dragon Peace And Happiness Spell
Peaceful Relaxation Rose Petals
Rid yourself of a Bothersome Spirit
Accepting A Difficult Situation
Heal the Break, Bring Back Soulmate
Native American Prayer for Peace
Releasing Intense Emotions Spell
Becoming In-Touch with the Elements
Clearing house of negative energies version 1
Clearing house of negativity version 3.
Happiness and Well-Being Sachet
Meditation Spell to Seek the Truth
Protection from Evil for Beginners
Self Blessing chant spells and prayers and blessing spell
Make Your Friend Appreciate You More
Nightfall Prayer to the Goddess
Purification (To Break a Curse)
Strengthen your Relationship Spell
good luck mince
irma cease
world peace
good luck mince of death and harm
self blessing spell chant prayer and blessing
Form Protection
Incense Recipes
Leave Me Alone
Make Two Enemies Fall in Love
Morning Prayer
Nightly tea ritual
Palm Reading Guide
Peace for Squabbling Siblings
Peace Spell
Positivity and Inner Peace
Protection for Seven Days
Protection From Anger
Release Your Anger
Serenity Prayer Spell
Single Room Cleansing
Sweet Dreams
Take away Anger and Pain
Achieving Equilibrium
Angel's song
Banish an Unwanted Admirer
Basic Nature's Trust
Bowl of Good Cheer
Bury Pain
Calm Yourself
Calming Princess Milk Potion
Calming the Mind
Candles of Divine Banishing
Complete Peace
Cure Some Pain
Dream a Dream
Dwelling Blessing
Emotional Ripples
Feel Positive
Forgiveness Spell
Full Moon Peace
Happiness Amulet
Hearthstone Blessing
Honor Your Household Spirits
How to Get Magic
New Years Purification
Peace and Understanding
Peace spell
Protective Necklace Charm
Remote Healing
Send Love To Another
Sleep lullaby
Spirit Banishing
The Bag of Stability:
To Lose Your Troubles
White Rose Of Peace.
Worry Jam Jar Spell
A Mermaid Spell
A Relaxation Spell
An Earth Charm
Animal Calming
Anti Spirit Circle
Anti-Stress Spell
Archangel Uriel
Ashes To Ashes
Bagging Stress
Banish a Bad Emotion
Banish Bad Memories
Banishing Negativity
Basic Sleep
Be Friends No More
Beauty Bath
Bless Yourself
Bring Home a Relative
Calm Down
Calming Confidence Spell
Catnip Tea
Cherokee Protection Spell
Cleansing Space
Cooling Your Anger
Create a Door
Curse Breaker
Departed Person or Pet
Don't Touch
Elements Meaning: Spirit
Emotions come forth
Fade Walking
Get Rid of Anger
Give Strength Candle
Great Spirit Prayer
Guide to Meditation
Healing Bath
Heart Heal after a Love
Help Nature
Hospitality Spell
How to Connect with Gaia
Induce Calm Spell
Joyful Candle Spell
Levitation Meditation
Light Meditation
Lost & Found
Luck be Upon Thee
Luna charm
Make it Windy
Meal Blessing
Mellow Mood Oil
Morning coffee ritual
Negativity Banishing Spell
Never leave me Friend
Nyx's Blessing Charm
One the Earth
Peace and Energy Tea
Peace Meditation
Peace Spell
Peaceful Environment Spell
Plant Power
Pray to the Gods
Prayer to Cassiel
Protecting a Home
Protection and Peace
Protection Chant
Protection Charm
Protection Incantation
Purity be Upon Thee
Rainbow Brew for Peace
Really Easy Calming
Relax Meditation
Relaxation Ritual
Relaxation Tea
Release a House from Haunting
Remove a Spell (easy)
Rest n peace venue of the dead
Ridding Negativity Spell
Saturn Banishing
Self Empowerment
Send Back Cruel Words
Simple healing spell
Simple Protection Spell
Simple Tea Ritual
Sleep Spell
Smooth Transition
Spell for Peace
Stop Annoying Sound
Stream And Soil Healing
Stress Release Spell
Sudden Sleeping
The Curse
To Banish Fear
Troubled Love
Unblocking Spell (Ritual)
Uplifting Ritual
Water Elemental Meditation
Water Purification
Wind Song
A Letter to an Angel
Air Anger
Anger Calming
Anti War
Art of the Feline
Banish Stage Fright
Banishment Spell
Be Seen as You Truly Are
Bless A Pet
Block Out Noise
Calming Chant
Calming Warmth
Cleanse Mind
Dragon Soul Potion
Fire Seeing/Calming
Get A Friend Back
God Healing
Good Luck Necklace
Good Spirt
Happiness Spell
Harleen's Rusty Nail
Heaven on Earth
Holy Transformation
Holy White Magic Person
Invocation to Odin
Joyful Candle Spell
Love powder
Make it Rain Peace:
Meeting Spell
My before Meal Prayer
Peaceful Bath Spell
Peaceful Dreams Spell
Peaceful Meditation
Protection Bubble Spell
Purification Spell
Rage Ball
Redeem Yourself / Another
Release Tension Spell
Santa's Joy
Searing Flame Meditation
Spirit Honoring Spell
Tears of the Bound
The Emotion Bubble
The White Hex
To Feel Nature
To Know the Child Within
White Candle Protection Ritual
Work Place Calm Down
Opening Yourself Up to Love and Healing
Potion to Make you Stop Loving Someone
To Bind Someone From Doing Harm To You
Anti-negativity toward Ex-relation Spell
Meditation Help And Useful Tools
Protect Yourself From Nightmares
All purpose spell,(vajra guru mantra)
Blessing moon Peace Spell, July 19, 2016
Clearing house of negativity Version 2
Clearing house of negativity version 4.
Invocation of Archangel Tzaphkiel
Powerful Powder / Incense to Relax the Ego
Rainbow Spell For Happiness And Joy
The Gift Of Diana: Letting Go of Past Sorrow
Make Your Future Parents in-law Like You
Prayer to Protect From the Evils of a Witchboard
Remember Bad Memories In a Good Way
america africa
i only see your potienal
new times of peace
get rid of unwanted entity
how to temporarily soothe a sneeze cough.


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