Spell of Self Happiness

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Stream/river water (any water that is from a natural source)HandsVoiceFocus

A spell that makes the user generally in a better mood or state of mind.

Casting Instructions for 'Spell of Self Happiness'

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Place the water in a bowl, you do not need a lot of water, and sit infront of the bowl. Place your hands into the water, close your eyes and breathe deeply counting from one to one hundred. Once you have done this, open your eyes and move your right hand in a small clockwise motion whilst saying:

Element of water, aid me here. Blanket yourself over all negative emotion, And let it leave me.

Then move your left hand in a clockwise motion and say:

Element of water, aid me here. Wash away all ill feeling, And allow it to return never.

Once you have done this, repeat the breathing step, close your eyes and count from one to one hundred. Whilst doing this, imagine the water enveloping itself over your negative emotion(s) and washing it out of you. Then once finished breathing, remove your hands and empty the bowl over a body of dry dirt and say:

So mote it be.

Depending on your focus, will depend on how quick this spell will activate, but I can assure you it will work.

NOTE: Perform this spell only when you are experiencing a negative emotion and only at this time. To boost effects you may wish to light three white candles and place them infront of the bowl in a line and/or perform this spell on the night of the full moon.


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