Leave me Alone

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • - An item you can throw away
  • - Voice
  • - Intention (only needed if you want someone or a group of people to leave)

This is especially useful for the people that suffer with social anxiety or to anyone that wants to be left alone so they can feel more comfortable wherever they are.

Casting Instructions for 'Leave me Alone'

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   =>Leave me Alone
- Grab the item you chose, in this case, i used a rock i found on the beach. Hold it in your projective hand. (writing hand)
- Recite the following; By the power of this (item) i hold in my hand, stop the others from noticing me. Let this happen from where i stand, so mote it be.
- Now, this step is for anyone that wants to make anyone nearby that is making them feel uncomfortable leave. So in this case, people with anxiety, or feelings of being uncomfortable. Hold the rock in your hand and imagine all the uncomfortable and anxious feelings being channelled from your chest through your hand into the item until you feel better and while thinking of your intention of being left alone and the offending person/s leaving the same area as you.
- Throw away the item you used and watch the results unfold.

Any questions, feel free to message me :)

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