Basic Sleeping Spell

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • a white candle ( and a lighter or match to light it)
  • salt ( in a bag preferably because little bottles of salt may not work)

this spell popped into my mind, it is a basic healing spell, like, no duh, haha, anyway, this is supposed to make it so you can sleep better but i dont know if it really works please let me know if it does!!

Casting Instructions for 'Basic Sleeping Spell'

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sit in a preferably quiet room.
spill the salt in a circle or a Pentacle ( this is optional)
now, sit in the middle of the circle with the candle and light it. now, say these words, preferably four times but you can do it just two. "by the goddess of the night, send me dreams of which are bright, upon thee cast a sleeping spell,to wake only when you tell,so dear goddess of the night, send me dreams of which are bright"
after sealing it with "so mote it be" or "amen" blow out the candle ( optional ) or take the candle to bed with you and leave it alight while you sleep. if you want you can sprinkle salt around the candle or your bed.
good luck!

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