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Crush spells are some of the easiest spells, and some of the most popular spells cast.

There is little chance of these spells backfiring and having negative consequences. However, with that being said, the power of love is a powerful force and should not be entered into half hearted... so to speak.

Although these spells are simple to cast, they are often much more difficult to remove and spells to remove the effects of these spells often must be cast many times before they take effect.

More Free Crush Spells

Love Vision
Potion of Love
Siren Love Charm
Someone Dream of You
To attract the opposite sex
To Find Your True Love
Unbinding/Seperation Spell
Black Passion Lust Spell
Cry of the Sea Love Symbol
Do you like me?
Draw Love
Dream of Me Spell
Dream speak
Energy Love Spell
Find Soul Mate
I steal thy heart
Knot Crush Spell
Love perfume
Love Potion
Love Spell
Love Spell
Mirror Glamour Spell
Of me you will Think
Repulsion spell
Reverse Any Spell
Spell To Let A Lover Go
Think About Me Love Spell
To bring Romantic Love to You
To Find Love
To Make a Guy Listen to You
Beauty Spell
A Folk Love Spell
A Love Charm
A Simple Love Spell
A-Loverís Token
Amresyrm; Acoda's Love Potion
Attract a boy/ girl
Attract Him
Beauty Spell
Black magic spell
Bravery Love Spell
Break up a Couple
Bring Love to you Sugar Spell
Buried Love
Celtic Love Spell
Come to me Crush
Confidence spell
Create a Crush
Crush On Me!
Crush spell :)
Deaths door
Diana love spell
Does Your Cush Love You?
Easy and Quick Love Spell
Easy Love Spell
Enchanting Love Spell
Fastest and Easiest Love Spell
Find a Lover
Gay Love Spell
Get asked out tommorow
Get Your Crush to call you.
Get your Crush to Love You!
Have dream guy/boy come true
Hearts Join in Love
Honey Love Spell
Innocent Attraction
Instant Love brew
It's Over Between Us
Kiss 'n' tell
Kiss Me Spell
Kissing Spell
Love and desire spell
Love Candle
Love Drawing Spell
Love Me
Love Me Or You Will Die
Love Potion
Love Potion
Love Potion
Love Spell
Love Spell
Love Spell
Love Spell
Love Spell
Love Spell
Love Spell
Love Spell
Love Spell
Love spell for kids
Lover Attraction
Lovers Soul
Make her/him love me
Make someone love you
Make someone love you
Make you Stop Loving Someone
Make Your Crush Love You.
Melting Moments
Mind message
Powerful A Love Spell
Powerful Blood love Spell
Qalilanaan Alqutt Fata
Resolving a Love Triangle
Revenge on Your Ex
Roses of love
Running through his mind spell
Sexual Attraction
Simple Love Potion
Sirens Love Song
Soul Mate Spell
Spell to Get a Lost Lover Back
Sweeten Him to You
The Crush Spell
The Flowerpot Spell
The Lock of Hair Spell
Think of me
Think of Me Spell
To Beckon a Person
To Find Love
To Kill with Life
To love again...
True Love Finder
Volatile Love Spell
Who do you love?
A Wishing Pod
Attraction Spell
Blessed Fruit of Beauty
Bring a desired love to you
Broken hearts
Christian Latin Love Charm
Create Love Spell
Cupid's Cleansing
Do you like me spell?
Easy Love Spell
Enchanting Love
Falling in Love
Fire love spell
Get your Crush to Notice You
Haksim spell
Koi's Love Spell
Love Candle Ritual
Love Charm Bag
Love me spell
Love potion
Love Potion
Love powder
Love Spell
Love Spell
Love Spell
Love spell
Love spell
Love Spell by *MentalChild*
Make someone love you
My Love Come to Me
My spell to Conjureing
Nice love
Obsession potion
Pink Rose of Beauty
Powerful Love Spell
Romance Magnet Oil
Simple Cupid Love Spell
Simple Love Spell Dourna
Simple Spell for Finding Love
Springtime Spell To Draw Love
Stop Love
Sweet Crush Spell
The Heart-Shaped Petal Spell
To find a lost love
To Have Your Love Returned
To obtain love
To Strengthen Attraction
True Love
Unlove Your Ex
Win the Heart of One You Love
Wish Upon a Leaf for Love
Your Heart's Desire
Draw Love Into Your Home (Love Spell)
Love Potion (for people who can't find a good one)
Make Someone Fall in Love with you Love Spell
Potion to Make you Stop Loving Someone
To Focus your Loverís Interest
To make someone attracted to you!
Bring someone back into your life
Melt His Heart With Love For You
A Simple Spell For Finding Love
Attract the ideal lover for you!
Love spell - works while you sleep
Make Someone Think of you Nonstop
spell To Get Someone To Ask You Out
To Obtain Love From A Specific Person
Calling out for your love while you sleep
How to obtain love from a certian Person
The help from the gods of the world
To Draw You Closer To Your Crush
To obtain Love from a Specific Person
black cat jinx
love ring (easy)
absolute beauty
sweet thoughts
banishing spell
check for love spell
crush rocks
five fold kiss
how to break a love spell
latin love chant.
love psotion
love spell
love spell updated
lust for me spell
make him love you spell
mend a broken heart
popularity spell
relationship spell
simple love chant
unfaithful friend spell
am i in love
let love find me
true love
desire me spell that really works
a spell for your crush to like you (horsgirl66)
classic heathen love prayer (males)
how to make a love potion *real*
Paper Star Wishes
Poppet Binding Spell
Silver Ring Love Charm
Sirens' Seduction
Star of Love
To Ease a Broken Heart
To Forget about an Ex-lover
Who To Choose?
Cherry Blossom Love Potion
Destroy a Crush
Don't you love me?
Dream Of Me (For Girls)
Dream of me spell
Easy Love Spell
Eternity Love Spell
Hypnotic Love Spell
Innocent Attraction
Love Dream
Love Perfume
Love Spell
Love Spell
Luck to Love
Notice-Me Spell
Question regarding Love
Return Love
Rose Quartz Charm
The Cursing Psalm
Think of Me
To Find a New Lover
To heal a broken relationship
To make him love you.
9 Knot Break up spell
A Lost Lover's Rage
A Simple Love Spell
A Song For A Valentine
Acoda's Love Spell
Apple Love Spell
Attract Faithful Love
Attract Your Crush To You
Binding Two Hearts
Bones of anger hex
Break Hearts Spell
Bring a Lover to You
Bring Love to Your Life
Calling to you
Cinnamon love spell
Comic Book Adventure
Counter a Hex/Curse
Crush Spell
Cuipid's love spell
Desire Love
Do they like Me
Draw Your Crush To You
Easy Love
Easy Spell for Lucious Locks
Eye for Girls
Fates' bracelet
Full Moon Love Spell
Gay signs Spell
Get the Love you Want
Get your Crush to like You
Get your lover
Hearts and Flowers
Help yourself Find Love
Innocent Attraction Spell
Instant Love in 5 Days
Keep Me Forever
Kiss me spell
Kiss Spell
Like a Bee to Honey
Love and Chaos
Love Bath Salt
Love Charm
Love Finder spell
Love Me
Love potion
Love Potion
Love Potion
Love Potion Spell
Love Spell
Love Spell
Love Spell
Love Spell
Love Spell
Love Spell
Love Spell
Love Spell
Love Spell 55
LOVE SPELL:dawn_101
Lover's Dream
Make a Guy Love You
Make Him Love You
Make Someone Love You
Make Someone Love You
Make your Crush Love You
Mantra of Kurukulle
Mi Amor Spell
My info Regarding Soulmates
Potent Love spell!
Powerful Blood Love Spell
Powerful Love Spell
Quick Love Command
Reveal your Heart to me
Reverse Spell
Seal the Deal Love Spell
Show your inner beauty spell
Simple love spell
Smarter Spell
Sweet Strawberry Love Potion
Test Crush
The Easy Apple Spell
The Kiss Spell
The move to me spell
Think of me crush
To Attract True Love
To find a love
To Gain the Heart of Another
To let the truth be spoken
To make your crush love you
Truly In Love
War Water
A Love Spell
Arrow love spell
Attraction Spell
Beauty in Love
Break Up a Couple Spell
Bring together two people
Cheetah Love
Cleansing a Room
Crush Call
Desire Oil
Draw A Dream Crush
Emotion Potion
Fall in Love Spell
Find Your True Love
Get Your Crush
Get your lover~
I Love you Dream of Me
Love brew
Love charm
Love Dream Spell
Love Potion
Love Potion #9
Love prayer to the Norse Gods
Love Spell
Love Spell
Love spell
Love Spell
Love spell
Love Triangle
Make someone Love You
Moonlight Kiss Love Charm
My Love Spell
New Moon Love Spell
Night mother love spell
Onion Love Spell
Powerful Love Spell
Recipe for: Love Potion Tea
See if He/She Loves You or Not
Simple Love Spell
Simple Love Spell!
Soul Mate Hex (Chaotic)
Stop him/her from leaving
Stronger friendship
Sweet Smell of Love
To call Love to You
To get an Answer
To help find your soul mate
To Procure Love with a Candle
Together forever
True Love Potion
Werewolf lover Spell
Wish for a Token of Love
Your Heart's Desire
~Attract Him~
Love & Friendship Cauldron Spell
Magick of the Flower Crush Spell
Make your crush like you/ Break up with your crush
To Achieve your Heartís Desire
To have a person think about you
To obtain love from a specific person
How to make a crush like you in 3 steps!
Love spell to hypnotise someone in your love
The Marriage of Venus and Mars spell
A simple love spell (Created by Alice)
Abracadabra Spell- Relieves of Fever
Break the Bond of Love (Potion)
Make Someone Think of You Non-stop
Manufacturing Mr. or Mrs. Right
To bring back an unfaithful lover
Bring the worst out of somewon by usagi
Get someone to have a crush on you
Love spell that works only for girls
To Draw a New Lover to You (Attraction Charm)
To Gain a Vision of Your True Love
~(o)~Black Love Spell For Teens~(o)~
get back your ex
7 lights of love
need help with love? try this!
7 days of love
brake up a cuple potion
cord of love
dream of me spell
get someone to call you
how to make friends
love letter
love slave spell
love spell
lovotikos magikalicus
make her fall for you
make them love you
new love spell 2014
psyhic vampires spell
seashell of love
ultimate love spell
werewolf crush
dream of your true love
night mother love spell
agony and death for arrogant and evil minded.
to stop someone from anoying you
classic heathen love prayer (females)
he loves me not, he loves me! *girls spell*


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