Qalilanaan Alqutt Fata

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • An empty bottle or vase
  • A photo, or copy of a photo of someone or something you love
  • Paper (works best if a light red)

This spell, using super easy ingredients, can bring you luck in any area if used correctly, however it is mainly for love.

Casting Instructions for 'Qalilanaan Alqutt Fata'

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Cut the paper into a tiny heart. Put effort into it, as this is how you repay the person that you borrow a little luck from. Put the photo in the bottle however you like. Drop the paper heart in the bottle after the photo, it doesnt matter where or how. Put the bottle/vase in a spot that means something to you. Now, leave. Dont think about what you want to happen, or make a wish, just carry on with your day. You will get one major good outcome, similar to an experience that your person or animal has had. You should put a lot of effort into cutting some more paper hearts, as the person or animal put a lot of effort into that good experience. If you feel guilty about something, than put effort into cutting little hearts again, and drop them in the jar.

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