Springtime: Draw Love

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • A penny minted before 1982
  • A flowering bush or tree
  • A few candles (use pink for romance and friendship, red for passion and love, and white for purity)
  • Anything to set the mood, such as romantic music

This is a love spell to be done during the spring to attract romance in your direction.

Casting Instructions for 'Springtime: Draw Love'

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Cast your circle and invoke a deity of love, such as Venus or Freya. You may also simply invoke the Goddess. Light the candles and meditate on your intentions with the penny in your receptive (non-dominant) hand. If you like, you can play soft romantic music, burn incense related to love such as rose or lavender, or anything else to set the mood. Then, rub the penny between your fingers until it is warm and chant the following incantation:

My love is pure, my heart is full Goddess, hear my plea Send a new love to my side Wherever s/he may be

Visualize the penny glowing with light of a relevant color, such as red or pink. When you are ready, conclude your ritual but always keep the penny with you, in your hand or perhaps your pocket. Go to the tree or bush and bury the penny beneath it. If you can, it would be especially good to perform this spell outside with the tree or bush actually in your circle, so that you do not have to end your ritual before going outside and burying the penny. If you are able to do this, bury the penny before you close your circle.

Be sure that you perform this spell well before the tree or bush stops growing for the year. If possible, perform it before the plant flowers. This way, the power of the spell will grow as the plant grows and flowers. Some especially good plants to use include rose bushes, lavender shrubs, and apple or cherry trees. If you like, you can also bury the penny in a flower garden. If you have no other place to put the penny, a potted plant could be a good alternative.

Be sure to dig up the penny before the plant starts to fade for the year. You dont want your love life to wither as winter approaches.


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