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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Paper
  • Pen/pencil
  • a calm room (no sound)

You have a question in mind? and want to know the answer? Like does he/she likes me? Well this spell will help you see clearer.

Casting Instructions for 'To get an Answer'

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firstly, find a quiet room or your room, somewhere you will not be disturbed. You can do this spell while meditating or before you go to sleep.

1.Draw a pentagrame in the middle of the piece of paper whit an eye to represent the tird eye.(The eye in the middle of the pentagrame)

2.Write on the top "Dear God and Godesse," And "I seek the truth. I draw the tird eye to see clearer" Under the pentagrame.*While you write it down think of the question that you want answered and beleive the words.*

A)Meditating: Hold the pen/pencil in one hand close to the paper. Get into a deep meditation and look whit your tird eye.Write down anything that you see that could mean anything whit your question.

B)Dreaming: If you have an amethyst, put it Under your pillow whit the paper.Once you Wake up from your dream, writ down your dream in your dream jornal (or anything like that) so you dont forget it.And you will have your answer you were looking for.*It might take more the one night to understand/see the answer.*

*It might not come while meditating or dreaming. If so, look around you. You will see something that will give you your answer.If you dont get an answer by dreaming/meditating/looking around, it is probobly because you already know the answer to your question!*

I hope that my spell has/will help you! Pls send me a messages if you got your answer and how and all those details.:)


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