Cheetah Love

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Voice

This will only work if you do Singing4Tail's cheetah spell, you must be part cheetah. This turns your crush into a cheetah, not at will the first time but all other times. Will love you truly and dearly, never want to break up unless you do.

Casting Instructions for 'Cheetah Love'

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Close your eyes and say:

Oh she who reigns over the feline kind,
Bast I ask of you,
Now that I am a cheetah I ask for a mate.
His name is (crush 1st and last name).
I ask of his (hair color) hair to become brown with black spots
As he shifts into a cheetah.
I ask of you to change his eye color to yellow
As he changes to the creature spotted with cute, fluffy fur.
His speed up to 100 kilometers per hour,
His love for me big and mighty.
I plead to you Bast
To make my beloved (first name) a cheetah with love for me
In eight days' time.
By the power of three,
So mote it be.

If you are a boy casting on a girl, change he/him to she/her. I'm a girl so I put it to my view.

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