Werewolf lover Spell

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Paper
  • pen/pencil
  • color pencils/crayons and whatever other coloring utensils you have!
  • Love for that person
  • your mind (or voice)
  • Night

I GOT THIS IDEA FROM XSuperWolfX DONT SAY I COPPIED!!!! But I was intrested in her spell but there was NO WAY I was eating a Hand full of salt, so I made this. But instead of him/her just asking you out, he/she will truly love you, and he/she will tell you next time you see them. Yes, they WILL visi you every full moon. Like XSuperWolfX's spell, you can design what he/she will look like. Go ahead and give them green fur if you want! Please message me if it works and if something bad happens it IS NOT MY FAULT IF THEY GET HUNTED DOWN OR ARE ON THE NEWS! REMEMBER THAT! and I am not sure if it works on someone you admire from a far

Casting Instructions for 'Werewolf lover Spell'

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1.) Draw him/her the way you would like them to look as a Werewolf!
2.) When finished, put the paper to your heart and chant the spell below THREE TIMES!

"My beloved ________, I have loved you for long, you shall finally feel the same. Oh creatures of the night. Almighty, Humble werewolves, turn the one I care for most to one of you. He/she shall come to me, and confess his feelings. He shall visit me every full moon, he/she will appear at my window, his (werewolf fur color) glistening, his (werewolf eye color) shining like his large crystal clear fangs, so mote it be."

again, I DO NOT KNOW IF IT WORKS!!!! If it works PLEASE tell me! and for the Guys reading this, This was mainly centered for girls but it should work for guys to!

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