Commitment Spells

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Spell Index => Love Spells => Commitment Spells

Having trouble with commitment?

Not sure how commited your significant ther is to you?

These are the spells for you. These spells rarely fail and rarely backfire when cast correctly.

More Free Commitment Spells

Test Commitment
The Horseshoe Of Love Spell
The Rose Water Spell
Waxen Heart Love Spell
Wolf Spell
Ally Incantation
Commitment Spell
Deep Commitment Spell
Eternity Love Spell
Love Spell
Minerva Jane's Love Cider
Powerful Love Ritual
Strengthen Commitment
To Bring Back Lost Love
7 Day Wish
Acoda's Wish Spell
Aphrodite's Love Charm
Apple Seed Love Spell
Blood chalice offering
Bottle of Love
Calling for Love Spell
Charm of the Oak
CREATE True Love
Dark Vampire spell
Dedicate yourself to Satan
Easy Love Spell
Erectile Dysfunction Hex
Familiar Bonding Working
Five Fold Kiss
Friendship Spell
Getting a familiar
goddess, I hear you
Healing Spell
Love Drawing Spell
Love in all aspects
Love Letter
Love Spell
Love Spell 55
Make a Crush like You
Make your BF/Crush speak truth
Meet your Guardian Canine
Pink Rose Love Potion
Powerful Love Spell
Prayer to Cassiel
Satan's help
Simple Guide To The Basics
Soul Mate Spell
Speak Truth
Spell to win back an Ex love
Sweet Strawberry Love Potion
The Laurel Leaves Spell
The Rose Of Love Spell
To see the Fairies
Tree Link
Vampire Spell
Will Power
Witches Hand Shake
Yule ritual
A Good Choice
A very simple romance spell
Connect with Someone
Dedicate your soul to Satan
Friends with the Devil #2
Healing potion
Invoking Love
Locator Spell
Love Binding Spell
Make a Group Circle
Nature inclination
Renew Love Spell
Simple truth spell
The Flowerpot Spell
The Pepper And Salt Spell
The Stream Of Love Spell
True Love Spell
Vampire Spell
Artemis Song (turn into her son/daughter)
Bluen's Satanic afterlife demon transformation spell
Prayer/Spell To Help Find Your Spititual Path
The Marriage of Venus and Mars spell
Acoda's Attraction Oil (for men)
GROW WINGS IN 2-4DAYS spell by Angelana
Make Someone Think of You Non-stop
Reconciliation to Summon a Mutual Love
Spell to make a guy love you and be perfect
Summoning ''Massacre the Deathbringer''
To bring back an unfaithful lover
To Spark Love between Two People
A Spell to Release your Inner Will
7 day luck spell
a god spell
become a werefox by ira
canine love spell
dream spell: dawn_101
light body meditation prt 2
relaxing spell
the kings ring
to grant love to someone else
werefox curse by 22044girl
a spell to give a newborn/person a demonic soul
*~::I M P R I N T I N G::~*
The Heart Sutra
The Onion Of Love Spell
To Bring About Compromise
Willow Spells
A Simple Love Spell
Blood and love charms
Dedicate yourself to Lucifer
Dragon Side *tested*
Love Spell
Make Your Spouse Loyal to You
Minerva Jane's Love Pouch
Raspberry Leaf Love Spell
The Roses of Love
A simple love spell.
A-Statement of Intent
Akasha's Love Potion
Aphrodite's Love Charm.
Become a Predacon
Bond with the Shadows
Break Illuminati's curse
Cat Familiar Spell
Chocolate Heart Love Spell
Darkness and Revultion Spell
Demon Spell
Dream Walk to Your Lover
Eden's Enchanting Love
Evil to good conversion
Fire Protection
Forgetting A Once-Loved
Get your ex back
Gh0st spell for just on night
Happy Marriage Spell
Keep Me Forever
Love From The Sea
Love Invitation
Love spell
Love Spell #2
Lycan Full Moon Prayer
Make something happen
Making a Poppet
Nation Sack
Please wait for Me
Powerful Love Spell
Sabbat Game
Shipment Love
Soul Mate
Speak To Your Reflection
Spell to Get a Lost Lover Back
Summoning the gate keeper
The Easy Apple Spell
The Oak Leaf Fairy
To Gain the Heart of Another
To spice up your Life
Twin Flame
Vampire Spell
Witch Spell
Wolf Blood Spell
7 Day Love Jar
A Leader is Born
Amanus Omnipotentia
Dedicate your Soul to Satan
Devotional Ritual for Sigyn
Harleen's Apple Binding spell
Initiation of Seuwrhan
Linking Spell
Love prayer to the Norse Gods
Make someone Love You
Protection Spell
Retrieve Your Soul
The Beautiful Voice Spell
The Hyacinth Spell
The Seeds Of Love Spell
To help find your soul mate
Truth Tea
Werewolf Spell
To prevent yourself from straying from your task
Heal the Break, Bring back my soulmate.
Spell to make you or friend a wizard
A simple love spell (Created by Alice)
Before preforming Black Magic Spells
How to bind someone in friendship
Pledge to Artemis (become her maiden)
Spell to Bind the Lover of our Desire
Spell to make your Husband Loyal
To Allow Two Lovers To Be Together
To find your soulmate: revised ~Shadow_Star
Wolfsburg veins (wolf god/godess) by 44022girl
Contracting your guardian spirit
7 lights of love
anthro animal transformation
breaking a love curse
don't leave spell
light body intro
light body meditation prt 3
to break up a relationship
werebear curse
empathy for sycos
werejackal spell original and works


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