a spell to give a newborn/person a demonic soul

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • voice
  • being half demon ur self

this spell is to make a person or a newborn a demon to raise that form as one of your own.// have caution if not half demon the demon u summon will try to take over your body, mind, and soul, heed my warning please i can't stress that enough!

Casting Instructions for 'a spell to give a newborn/person a demonic soul'

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all u have to do is all this. first u have to call a demon by saying this in there tong, English, or the language u speak:

"i ask Lucifer lord of the underworld, send me one of ur own, to make (newborn/person name here) one of us, so i can raise as my own, as these words are said while the magick flows, hear my dark remedy, so make my dark calling come to be."

now wait till u feel the demons presents, then ask he/she to become the newborns/persons half. if they ask "are u one of us (because i've had that happen to me since they could sense ragoo within me), and if u want to ask for a specific demon, change "one of ur own" to "the one named (there name)". once done thank lusifer for sending one of hes own, or that specific demon, plus his time and effort.

fyi to my fellow covens, i still let lusifer to be able to send up demons to answer to your demands, and wishes. i might be the new ruler of the underworld, but he definitely knows what he is doing, plus ragoo isn't constantly in the underworld like he is.

best of luck friends
spell by ragoo56|


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