Nature inclination

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • -Peaceful area (This isn't an ordinary area.)
  • -Pendulum
  • -Guardian spirits

This is a tip I got from one of my group members, he told me that to become more bonded with my guardian spirits I must be more inclined with nature so here it is.

Casting Instructions for 'Nature inclination'

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*Note: All places of nature are peaceful areas but not all of them are thee "Peaceful area". This is the location in nature that holds the most "mana" according to my friend this is the best place to learn inclination.

Step 1:
Go inside the forest and begin searching for the peaceful area, this is done easier with a dowsing pendulum.

*Note it doesn't have to be a forest I just have preference.

Step 2:
Once you find the area find a comfortable area to meditate and begin.

Step 3:
When you have reached a state of calm, ask your guardian spirits to manifest in front of you.

Note: Spirit manifestation is a high level skill.

Step 4:
When they are able to manifest, ask them to teach you the ways they have, this serves as a bonding for you and it. When you have finished you should be closer with your spirit with an added bonus of new abilities.

This will take more than one visit to the peaceful area, learning the secrets will take time and practice.

WARNING! too much exposure to "Mana" has unpredictable results.

PS: I haven't tried this yet since I am not in the level of spirit manifestation.



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