Do they Love me?

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • A purple or pink candle
  • A piece of paper
  • A pen that has been blessed
  • An egg
  • A flower

This spell is to find out whether or not your crush/lover shares your feelings for them. This is my first love spell, but please let me know if it works.

Casting Instructions for 'Do they Love me?'

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Cast your circle as usual. Set up your altar too. In the middle, place your candle. Light the candle and chant,

"Oh flame of knowing, of gentle heat, your beauty and love I do now greet, give me an answer to which I ask, this is your only important task"

Then, while the candle flame gathers energy, write the question
"Does (the name of your crush here) return the emotion of love and joy to me? If not, let me move forward in my life so I may find the true mate for me. If they do love me, may they have the courage to tell me how they feel. I do love them, and if they love me, may we see where life and shared love guides us"
Also, while writing this, state what you are writing. Once done, set the pen aside. Hold the paper over the candle (though be careful not to burn it) and visualize energy from the flame being absorbed by the words on the paper. Also, push your love for that person into the words. Visualize and mentally list everything you love about your crush. Then let some wax from the candle drip onto the paper (after you have folded it into one quarter it's size), mainly on the edges. Set the paper aside then, and let the wax from the candle drip on the egg, and just one drop or so on the flower. Then hold the egg and say,

"If after 7 a day, this fragile egg is still ok, let love from (name of crush) be true for me, this is my will so shall it be."

Hold then, the flower in your palm and chant,

"If after 7 a day, this delicate flower is still ok, let love from (name of crush) be true for me, this is my will so shall it be."

Then blow out the candle. Keep the paper with you as much as you can, and place the flower in your room in a safe place. Place the egg outside in a safe place, but do not bury it. If the flower withers completely, they may not have a crush on you. If the egg cracks or breaks, they may not have a crush on you. If they both are ok, they do. If they both break/wither, the person does not.
Check the egg and flower after 7 days. No more, no less.


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