Strengthen Commitment

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • candle (long and orange)
  • candle (small and white)
  • matches
  • picture

Strengthens the commitment two people share with each other.

Casting Instructions for 'Strengthen Commitment'

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You will need a picture of the people you want this spell to effect. Place the picture on a table and place the candles around it. The orange candle symbolizes the attraction the people share to each other and the white one represents the purity they practice when the other is not around.

You can use more candles of different sizes and shapes, but these two candles should be the minimal number of candles to be used and all the candles you use should be either orange or white. Candles which are orange and white together can also have a greater positive effect for this spell.

Light the candles and as they burn repeat the following. As you speak these words, also lift the candles and let the wax drip from them onto the picture:

Attraction, Truth, Purity and Love.
Make these two fit like a glove.

You can also try to speak these words in Latin, giving the spell even more power:

Verum, sanctimonia, amo, amor.
Apto manus apto aptor.

You may repeat the chant if you like, but once cast casting again in a short period of time rarely has any additional effects.


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