A simple love spell (Created by Alice)

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Salt
  • Black Sharpie
  • Something that represents love (Rose, Red/Pink...)
  • Strong feelings for this person
  • Pink or red paper
  • Lipstick or lipgloss
  • Red or pink string
  • Glass cup
  • Water

This may or may not work. Not 100% sure. This is a simple love spell however, and should you only do this when you like someone. Message me if it worked!

Casting Instructions for 'A simple love spell (Created by Alice)'

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First, take your pink OR red paper and write with your black sharpie a symbol of love (Do not use a heart. Spell may not work if you use a heart, that's too clich?). If you know your crush's birthday and year, good you'll need it. Write his full name (First, Middle, Last), and Then write his birthday with his zodiac sign and get out another Pink/Red sheet of paper (Oh yes, write his name above the symbol and write the rest on the bottom). After, Write your feelings down for this person and be thoughtful! Explain why you like him, (Don't say just because he is sizzling hot). Then fold the paper hamburger style, then Hamburger style again, and with your black sharpie write a pentagram. (I don't think it has to be perfected). Put on the lip gloss/Lip stick and kiss the pentagram, fold into a small square, and use red/pink string to bind it together. Keep this in a safe place and do NOT mess it up. Now take another pink/red string and start slowly tying it into knots as you say ''Goddess Aphrodite, Help me see, I believe he is the one for me. If I cannot see clear, know my heart is pure, my intentions good, help me get my desire. I do not intend to provoke, I only ask you make (Full name of crush) come to me, So mote it be.'' Put water in a glass cup and put salt in it and stir. Dip the string in there for three days and take it out. Wrap it around your thing you folded with string and place it back in your safe place.

Message me if it worked


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