Contracting your guardian spirit

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • -Awakened guardian spirit
  • -The medium which is to be the spirit's home. (This is an item to be held dear)
  • -Chalk

After awakening a guardian spirit, the natural abilities begin to surface such as hearing and seeing spiritual beings, yet they have no protection, a contract must be made to allow the spirit to do its duty.

Casting Instructions for 'Contracting your guardian spirit'

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*Warning: If you attempt this without a guardian spirit, something else may be put into the medium, that something may not be friendly.

Step 1:
This must be done in a place you will not be disturbed, draw a line on the floor and sit down behind it, place the chosen medium in front.

Step 2:
Begin meditating, this will bring you into a world with your spirit guardian, it is here you begin to make a contract, this is up to you what you will say to the spirit and from there will also be the limitations of your spirit, the stronger the contract, the stronger the spirit.

Step 3:
The contract will only be completed when the spirit takes your hand and you take its, this is done in the physical world by crossing the line and touching the medium.

Step 4:
Awaken and wear your medium, this is now your weapon against spirits, basically this is your way of combating the things that will hurt you.

The line represents the boundary of the spirit and physical world, you and the medium represent these worlds when you crossed the line it means you have fully decided on being part of their world and interact with them completely.

by creux :)


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