Fairy Spells

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These spells are all fairy related.

More Free Fairy Spells

A albino alicorn spell
A new Wing spell
Angel Spell
Angel Spell xx
Avian Wing Prayer
Become a Faerie
Become a Fairy
Become a Fairy
Become A Fairy actually works!
Become a Flower Fairy
Become A Nymph
Become a Vampire
Become an Elf or Rivendale
Being a fairy spell
Celtic Fairy Caller
Creating Fairy Magic
Dark Fairy Dust
Element Fairy (Earth Fairy)
Element Fairy (Water Fairy)
Faerie Wings
Faery Guardian
Fairy God Parents Spell
Fairy Invitation
Fairy of Fire
Fairy Protection Gell
Fairy spell
Fairy spell
Fairy Spell
Fairy Spell 2016 ~My Spell~
Fairy Spell ~My Spell~
Fairy Wings
Fly just in 10 Seconds
Flying Spell
Get wings in 2 hours
Grow Wings In 24 Hours!!!
Guardian Earth
How to Be a Fairy
How to grow wings in 2-4 days
How To Summon A Flower Fairy
I am an Angel
Invite a Fairy into your Home
Mermaid Spell
Old Wish Spell
Pixie's Appearence
Real fairy spell
Release your inner fairy
Sacred Art: Mind Orb
Seraphian 7 moons wing spell
Summon a Faerie
Summon a Fairy
Summon a Fairy
Summon a Fairy Spell
Summoning a Dark fairy
The Oak Leaf Fairy
To Summon A Fairy
To Sumon a Fairy
Turn Into A Fairy
Turn to a vampire in a three
Welsh Fairy Spell
Wings In 2-4 Days
Wings Meditation 2
Winx Club Fairy Spell
~ Angel Wings Transformation ~
~Healing Liquid~
Angel Spell
Consulting with Gnomes
Control Wind Speed Spell
Fae Attraction Spell
Fairy Of The Night Spell
Fairy Spell
Fairy Spell
Fairy Spell
Fairy Spell
Fairy Spell
Fairy spell that really works
Fire Wings
Lonely Day Spell
Mermaid for a Day
Spirit of the Constellations
Summon a blue fame fairy
Unfinished Spell
Wizard spell
Communicating with Faerie Guide
Awesome Flying/Levitation Spell
Become a fairy/grow fairy wings.
Element Fairy (Fire Fairy) - updated
How to get information in a dream! Very easy!
~Attract The Faeries Using A Faerie Ring~
A Spell to Release your Inner Will
sumouning spirit guide
after wing spell fail
become magical
fairy wing spell
pentagram wish spell
wing meditation 100% real
fairy a
to call a fairy
neko spell (become any type of neko)
*Presence Of Fey*
A Elf Spell (Works)
ALO wings spell
Angel Spell 2016 ~My Spell~
Angel Spell.
Avian Wings
Become a Fairy
Become A Fairy
Become a Fairy
Become a Fairy Spell
Become a mermaid
Become a vampire
Become a Witch
Become magic
Bring a Child a Fairy
Create a Fairy
Creating Fire Elementals
Element Fairy (Air Fairy)
Element Fairy (Fire Fairy)
Eye color change ( SILVER )
Faery Call
Fairy Charm
Fairy God Parents SpelL..
Fairy magnet
Fairy of Water
Fairy Spell
Fairy Spell
Fairy Spell
Fairy Spell
Fairy spell to become a fairy
Fairy spell2
Flower Fairy Spell
Fly with Wings
Get wings
Grow Wings
Grow Wings Spell
Home-Made Wing Spell
How to get your own Fairy
How To Summon A Fairy Spell
How To Summon A Tree Fairy.
Information Faery Poetry
Letter to the Fae
Morph into a Faerie-Ritual
Pet powers
Potion to Grow wings
Release the Inner Fairy
Roman Fairy Spell
Sacred Art: Wind Moving
Simple Wings Spell
Summon a fairy
Summon A Fairy
Summon a fairy spell
Summon a House Fairy
Summoning Mystical Beings
To be a Fairy
To Summon The Fae Queen
Turn into a Beautiful Fairy
Turn into a fairy or fly
Turn Your Pet into a Fairy
Will post spells
Wings Meditation
Winx Believix!
Work With Fae
~Friendship Of Sprites~
~The Tree Spirits~
Another Angel Spell
Control Wind Speed Spell
Earth Element Powers
Fairy Charm
Fairy scare
Fairy Spell
Fairy Spell
Fairy Spell
Fairy Spell
Fairy Spell by MermaidTale
Fairy Summoning Spell
Flower Blossom Encouragment
Magic Power Spell
My Fairy Wings Spell
Starter Pack
To Attract The Little Ones
Unicorn Creation
~Midnight Sight~
Turn u into a fairy in one hour(works)
Become a Fairy Spell and Potion
Easy vampire spell easy pecie easy pecie
GROW WINGS IN 2-4DAYS spell by Angelana
Spell to become a powerfull witch
A slightly complicated Fairy Spell
Another Fairy Spell by MermaidTale
a fairy spell by lissie 45219
arastoos fairy spell
faire if fire
making fairy dust
vampire highbrid
control wind speed spell
good luck spell
extremely complex mermaid spell that really works


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