Turn u into a fairy in one hour(works)

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • •A bottle of glitter powder
  • •water,shell(for water power)
  • •flower,grass(for garden power)
  • •Ice,charm(for ice power)
  • •belief
  • •concentration
  • •a calm mind
  • •alone

This spell is homemade.i just doing it because boring suddenly it works one hour's a bit complicated.

Casting Instructions for 'Turn u into a fairy in one hour(works)'

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1.gather the things that u need for your power
2.turn off the light in your room.make sure u are alone.Sit while holding the things for ur power.
3.put glitter powder on the things.don't put too much.
4.believe this will work and concentrate....imagine you are transforming into a fairy and flying freely. this 3 times

(God and godess of the earth,
I am here to make a wish,
My name is(your name).
So i hope you hear it.
My biggest wish to be a fairy
With a(type of wings)wings.
And a radiant face,shimmering hair and an inner power
My element should be(ice,garden,water)
With special powers to (special power)and(special power)
And my wings colours should be(color)
This is my so mote it be

Read this one 1time

My wings should appear in one hour
As i say 'dissappear my wings',my wings should go
And once i say,'come back my wings',they will come
And in the count of three
Let me be free
With the wings and power should i be!!!

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