Element Fairy (Water Fairy)

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • A full water bottle
  • 1 conch shell (best to be clean!)
  • Experience in Fantasy Spells
  • Company
  • BELIEF!!!

This Spell will turn you into a Water Fairy in six months time. Be patient! Your wings and powers need time to develop. You will be able to use your powers as a Water Fairy AND as a human!

Casting Instructions for 'Element Fairy (Water Fairy)'

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This Spell has to be done with an accompanying person.
Take the water bottle and put it in front of you. Hold the conch shell to your ear and listen to the waves (actually, it's the blood in your head) for at least 30 seconds. Then put down the conch shell, close your eyes and recite the Spell:

'Goddess of Water, Goddess of the Sea, please make my desire come true.
I wish to be a Water Fairy!
I wish my wings will be (white, blue, pink, green).
I wish to have the powers of Water and (teleportation, mind-reading, super-strength, super-speed).
When I say "I am a Water Fairy", I will be visible ONLY to the ones I have told my secret and I will have my wings on my back.
When I say "I am a human being", I will be a human again.
I promise to keep this a secret and only tell my Bestest of Friends and my family.
So mote it be!'

After you have recited the Spell, fill the conch shell with water from the water bottle and drink it. Do it over and over again until the water bottle is empty.


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