Fairy Spell

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • ~ A plate of honey
  • ~ A spoon
  • ~ A small amount of milk
  • ~ EXACTLY one teaspoon of sugar.

This will turn you into a fairy. This is not mine. I will even try hard to post more spells! I have heard to keep the secret from everyone but you have to. I have heard if you get your secret out you will turn into a mushroom. O_o I don't know about that. But what I really think you will lose your wings.

Casting Instructions for 'Fairy Spell'

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Step one: Go somewhere peaceful, where you will not be disturbed. Perferebly in a garden with lots of plants.

Step two: Place the plate of honey onto the ground, and sing a soothing song. Then, place your hands behind your back and say: "Fairy, will you please come out? I wont hurt you, i promise." Really mean that. When you're done, a fairy should come out. If it does not, sing another song until it does. (Don't forget to promise you won't hurt it.)

Step three: When the fairy comes out, it will be very hesitant. Smile at it. Don't move yet or you will frighten the fairy away. (Hint: Fairies are attracted to sweet smells, and shiny things. Spray a LITTLE BIT of sweet perfume on. You don't want to overpower the scent of the honey. Also, you could wear a sparkly neclace, earring, etc to attract it more. Also, don't wear dark clothing. You'll scare it away. Wear white, green, purple, red, or yellow.)

Step 4: As soon as the fairy is close enough, ask it for some pixie dust. (You must do this in the most polite way you can.) The fairy will then give you some pixiedust. (If the fairy does not, ask it only ONCE more. If it still does not, don't push it. Say goodbye, and offer it the plate of honey. Leave and do the spell another time. Fairies don't like to be asked things more than once.

Step five: As soon as the fairy gives you pixie dust, quickly say: stay here, please. Quickly go into your house and get out a spoon, and put the pixie dust on your spoon. Then, in a small cup, poor the pixiedust into it, along with a small amount of milk. Stir it, slowly. If you see frothy bubbles go even slower. Than, take EXACTLY a teaspoon of sugar and pour it in. DON't MIX IT.

Step 6: Make sure the fairy is still there, eating (or licking) the honey. If you see that the fairy is almost done, ask it if it would like some more. (It will want more, so have a spare plate of honey, or cream.)

Step seven: Next, microwave the small milk mixture for exactly 10 seconds. (Microwave it with a film covering.) Then, go outside to your fairy. Ask it, nicely, if it could more some more pixie dust in, and it will.

Step 8: Then, DRINK IT. (Don't forget to bid your fairy goodbye.)

In a few weeks, you'll notice a change in your height, and you'll see some wings starting to grow. Once you're small enough, go out into the same garden, where you will be greeted by other fairies. They will take you to your new home.


This article was contributed by MermaidTale

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