To Become A Fairy

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Any candle (for Fire powers)
  • Bowl/cup of water (for Water powers)
  • Grass/outside (for Earth powers)
  • Outside/windy (for Air powers)
  • Alone
  • Concentration
  • Belief

How to become a real fairy, with powers and wings. Tested and works. If it doesn't work, please message me and I might be able to help you, or it might not be the right spell for you

Casting Instructions for 'To Become A Fairy'

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1. Gather what you need and be inside or outside (depends)
2. Sit down with object, and close your eyes.
3. Imagine yourself flying with wings, using your element/power (mentioned later)
4. Say this spell 3 times and once for the end: (eyes can be open)

Say X3
Goddess of wind, goddess of earth,
Please make my desire come true.
I wish to be a FAIRY!
To fly high and be truly free,
This is my wish to be.
My wings shall be (size)
like that of a (type of wings).
(Colour) and (colour),
Are the colours chosen by I.
As I say the words, (summoning words),
My wings shall appear on my back.
Once I say the words, (disappearing words),
My wings will be absent.
I shall rule over the element (element of choice),
With the special power of (any special power; only 1).
My special power shall come in (time it comes) time,
My wings in (time they come) time.
Goddess of wind, goddess of earth,
Please bestow upon me what I desire.

By the power of three,
So mote it be!

5. Believe it will work, and be patient until your element/power and wings appear!!


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