Fairy Spell 2016 ~My Spell~

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • A Flower (Any Flower), A Bowl Of Water, Perfume,Lotion (The Perfume And Lotion Has To Smell Good)

Idk If This Works I Don't Do Fairy Spells I Do Vampire Ones And Stuff Like That So Message Me If Of Works Subscribe My Channels BeautyRuler And Beauty.Ruler

Casting Instructions for 'Fairy Spell 2016 ~My Spell~'

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What To Do: Put The Flower In The Center Of The Bowl ( The Flower Cannot Have A Stem) Then Say "This Flower Is A Resemblance Of A Fairy." Then Add 3 Sprays Of Perfume If The Bottle Is Small, If Medium Add 2 Sprays, If Large Add 1. Then Say "This Fairy And This Beautiful Scent Forms A Magick Powerful Enough To Make The Person Who Possesses This Bowl Of Water Too Turn To A Fairy When They Put This Magick Water On." Then Add 1 Squirt Of Lotion And Stir It Up While Saying "Magick Water, Magick Water, Make Your Power Thrive, Grant The One Who Possesses This Water Become A Fairy When They Put It One This Lotion Makes Their Skin Soft And Smooth, This Perfume Male You Smell Wonderful, This Flower Has Your Power And Beauty Within You May Choose 3 Powers Witch Will Be (Your Power),(Your Power), And (Your Power) But I Will Have 1 Special Secret Power My Most Powerful Power Of All But It Will Be Based Off My Personality. Now Put the Water On And Say "I Am Now One With Mother Nature Make My Fairy-Ness Thrive! So Mote It Be!!

It Should Work Instantly Or It May Take 1-7 Days

- Fire manipulation(pyrokinesis)
- Earth manipulation(geokinesis)
- Plant manipulation(arborkinesis)
- Wind/Air manipulation(aerokinesis)
- Water manipulation(hydrokinesis)
- Ice manipulation(cyrokinesis)
- Snow manipulation(frigokinesis)
- Light manipulation(photokinesis)
- Darkness manipulation (umbrakinesis)
- Electricity manipulation (electrokinesis)

Good Luck


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