How to Make a Wand

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This article will show you how to make a wand.

Before constructing a wand, you must first know what a wand is really used for.

A wand is used for 'putting out' energy into the world. Of course, you don't need a wand to put out energy, it is just something used to help consentrate. 

Gathering Materials

 First, you need wood, obviously. Wood for wands must be gathered on waxing Wednesdays. It is best to get wood from a tree you feel is good for a wand. Before taking wood from the tree you must ask the tree for wood. After getting permission from the tree, you may cleanly cut the wood. It is recommended that the branch is long enough to go from your elbow to the tip of your middle finger. Thank the tree, and leave it a gift.

Wait a month before decorating the wand.

You can use many different kinds of top stones for your wand. Most people generally use quartz crystals. Some may also use a bottom stone to help conduct energy. Darker stones are usually best for this.

Attaching a Stone

You can use glue, but for the people who generally find that glue feels wrong, you can use copper or silver wire to attach a stone to a wand. When putting the wire on the wand, put the wire on deosil upwards, to direct the energy out. 

Decorating the Wand

Decorate the wand however you want! It is your wand, so make make it yours! Do whatever you feel is right. Remember, if you put spirals on your wand, make them deosil upwards. 

I hope this helped! Thank you for reading!

Blessed be.



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