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Top Rated Rituals
Addiction Medicine Bag
Introduction to Astral Travel and Astral Projection
Water Your Roots: A Grounding Exercise
The Magical Planets
Casting a Circle
Energy Exercises
Writing an Article (For Beginners)
Advanced concepts in shielding
Prayer dinner
Candle Making Technique: Dipping Candles
How to Create Auric Shells
Morning Ritual
Spell Casting Basics
Magic Oils
Meditation for Problems
Asatru for Dummies
Herbs Associated with the Dead
Oils of Body, Spirit, and Soul
Earth Protection
Reference: Seashells
Lammas ritual
Energy manipulation
Hair growth the witchy way
Energy Study Part 2- The Movement of Energy
Calling of the Elements
Magick hours
Wolf Path Magic/k
Smudging Basics
Absent Healing
Energy Study Part 1-The Circles of Energy
Introduction to Asatru
Consercration & Deconsecrate an Object
Spell Casting with Celtic Month Moons
Fogged Mirror Protection/Power ritual
Dragon Magick
Spearmint: Magickal & Medicinal Uses
Dream Catchers and Dream Boxes
Jormungandr: The Midgard Serpent

Unrated Rituals
Friday Night Ritual
How to become a spiritual mermaid[dream mermaid]On the lessor banishing of the pentagram
How to Make A Dreamcatcher and BoxTypes of witchcraft
FAQs (websites information)_1How to M-shift
Contact MeHow to M-shift
How to Phantom shiftGemini
Psychic DevelopmentWitchcraft Initiation Rituals
Become StrongerWhat is Energy?
Witches Dictionary A-CRare Full Moon on December 25th 2015
Stone of good luck and energyWhat is an article?
beginners guide to the knowledge 1Spells to bring her back spell
Find PeaceI am very happy today for what Doctor Atete has done for me
Spell helpnames of power
Basic Circle RitualPreparing for a Spell
necromancy 2Open third eye (Real)
Samhain LLCTo remove a spell
potion bottle ideasTo contact your family lare
How to Tell if You've Been Cursed or HoodooedPurification Ritual
Thirteen Steps to a great SpellThings All new Members Need To Know
Need help ghostsSigils
Wish Granting

Newest Rituals
Advanced concepts in shieldingRelaxation ritual
Pure liquid magicPure liquid magic
what I have and haven't figured out about chi or energywhat I have
what I have fiwhat I have fig
The Reference Tab of your Book of ShadowsThe Reference Tab of Your Book of Shadows
The Reference Tab of your Book of Shadows.The ritual of Gatekeepers
the Iadian's standard exercise routine.Emotional cleansing
Different Types of GhostsHow to make a Magick Wand
The Witchy ChristianHow to Open Your Spiritual Chakras
Friday Night RitualRock Guide
Greek To Roman: OlympiansHow to Phantom shift
How to M-shiftHow to M-shift
HauntingThe Dark Dead
Cursed and Bonded ObjectsEgyptian Gods and Goddesses Part 2
Egyptian Gods and Goddesses Part 1How to Make A Dreamcatcher and Box
La Santa MuerteWitch's Black Salt
A Morning Schedule To Keep Yourself More Happy And BalancedEverything WRONG with how to kill a vampire
Psychic DevelopmentPsychic Development
A Guide to RunesA Guide to Runes
Opiate Withdrawal. A Guide To Self Induced EuphoriaSetting up a Pagan Altar

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