A guide to what magic is and what magic isn't

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This article will show you what magic is and isn't. This article is great for beginners who are starting to learn magic.

What is magic? Magic is science, a different kind of science. Magic can help us meditate, cast a circle or spell. Magic can give us some things. It also helps us use our energy in rituals. Magic can also be used to create a psi (ki or chi) ball, and can help us get more energy from practicing spells, rituals, somewhat like trial and error, if it doesn't work try again.

What isn't magic? Magic isn't like "Frozen" or "The Little Mermaid" where you get powers or turn yourself into a mermaid. Those spells (even in the "Fantasy Spells" section you see in our big list of spells ("Spells" section) or "Trick Spells" section) are just fluff spells, they don't even work. Why won't they work? We can't turn ourselves into a mermaid, or change our DNA to become a werewolf, or get powers, it is physically impossible to achieve such things. So if you're new, watch out for those. Watch out for spells that sound far-fetched, for example, teleporting. It's impossible to teleport from one place to another.

Good luck to new beginners!


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