Flying Spells

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Flying spells are one of a group of very powerful spells. The general idea behind all flying spells is that they allow you defy gravity in one way or another.

These spells must be used with extreme caution, for if they are cast too powerfully the target may never return to Earth, and if they are cast too weakly one will not have the power againt gravity which they are expecting.

There is no way to reverse a flying spell. The only thing you can do is wait for it to diminish over time.

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Grow Wings
Grow wings in 2-4 days
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Vampire spell (really works!)
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Wings Spell
Become an angel for a short time
Turn u into a fairy in one hour(works)
Powerful wings to fly with (customizable) that works
Awesome Flying/Levitation Spell
Become a fairy/grow fairy wings.
Demonic Wing Spell has Evidence
Free as a bird spell(bird morph)
How to Fly on Command While Dreaming
Levitating Spell for Beginners!
Official Hybrid spell (by Acain)
Reformed Recipe to Grow your wings
Witches Besom and possible flight
Another Fairy Spell by MermaidTale
levatation spell
after wing spell fail
angel spell
dragon transfer
flying spell
learn to fly
mermaid spell (works)
simple flying spell
teleportion spell:)
wing meditation 100% real
spell to grow wings
2nd Dragon Spell
A spell to get wings
Air Control
ALO wings spell
Angel Spell
Angel Spell
Angel Spell
Angel Spell xx
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Angelic Transformation
Astral projection spell
Avian Wings
Avian Wings Spell
Avian/Wing Prayer
Become a Dragon Shifter
Become A Fairy actually works!
Become an angel
Bring Travel Spell
Create fire wings
Dark Dragon Shifter
Dragon Shifting
Eddie Naquin Jr
Fairy Spell
Fly just in 10 Seconds
Flying Power Spell
Flying Spell
Get Wings
Get wings in 2 hours
Grow Ears or Wings
Grow Wings
Grow Wings
Grow wings
Grow Wings in Just Days!
Grow Wings Spell (2016)
How to grow wings in 2-4 days
Inner Dragon
Less Gravity Spell
Levitation meditation
Levitation Spell
Make a broom fly
Make Objects Levitate
Moon Phases Wings Spell
Multi-Religion Wings Spell
Pegasus Wings for your Horse!
Potion to Grow wings
Real fairy spell
Repair broken feather
Shadow Winds
Simple Flying Spell
Spell To Grow Wings
Spell to Grow Wings(untested)
Summon wind to fly
The forms of Draconic Fury
To Grow Wings
Transform into a Bat
Turn into a Beautiful Fairy
Turn into a fairy or fly
Vampire Spell
Vampire spell (really works!)
Will post spells
Wing ''Potion''
Wing Spell
Wing spell (become an avian)
Wings Meditation
Wings Potion
Wings Spell
Wings Spell
~ Angel Wings Transformation ~
Black Angel Wings Spell
Fairy Spell by MermaidTale
Flying Spell
Get Wings Spell
How to become a fairy
Human Levitation
Levitation Spell (Real)
Spell to grow wings
White Wings Spell
Wing Spell
Wings of Fire
Wings Spell
Quartz and Necklace Wings Potion
~NiGHTS Journey of Dreams/Into Dreams Spell!~
To boldly go where no man has gone before
Become a Fairy Spell and Potion
Become a Mermaid when you Touch Water
Element Fairy (Fire Fairy) - updated
How to become a beautiful angel!
Levitate with Gravity (Objects)
Levitation Spell From ''Salem'' TV Show
Prompt the body into growing wings and other appendages
Shadow Dragon Transformation (My own spell)
A slightly complicated Fairy Spell
Dragon Shifter (New And Improved!)
a fairy spell by lissie 45219
angel spell
become a dragon
fairy wing spell
gro wingz
lifting spell
occult wing spell
summon a flying riding cloud
vampire spell
light as a feather
white guardian angel wings (untested)


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