How to become a beautiful angel!

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • You
  • Quiet place (quiet places help you concentrate, and preferably one place is your room. Also, lock the door so no one can get in)
  • Concentration
  • Nobody is watching
  • A beautiful picture of an angel on your wall where you will kneel in front of

This is for the people who pray for things that they want. I just got bored so this is a spell I made up myself. Good luck and be blessed be! -MagicSparklz p.s if you have any comments or side effects, message me. Even if this spell doesn't work, you guys out there are still beautiful angels inside

Casting Instructions for 'How to become a beautiful angel!'

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-go into your bedroom or a room where you can here no people and lock the door
- kneel down onto the floor facing the picture of the beautiful angel. Stare at it for about a minuet or two. In your mind while staring at the picture, think about what you will look like as an angel. Look at what that angel has and think of that angel as if it were you. Bow your head and close your eyes. Put your hands together like you are praying. Do not talk or peep for about one minuet thinking about you as an angel and what good deeds you will do as an angel. Now start out your prayer with "Dear lord" or "Dear God" and talk to lord or god( or whatever you started with) and talk about why you want the wings and what good deeds you will do to become one of gods Angels. Tell him you will be good and why you think you should be given the stuff that Angels have. Once you are done, end your conversation with God/ lord and silence yourself for about a minuet and think about God or lord turning you into an angel and you are helping God out with special tasks. You might have dreams about Angels. The dream will show God lifting you up to heaven and talking to you. He will give you instructions to become an angel. Pay close attention and if you have not listened to his instructions, you will have to do the spell over again. Once he has given instructions and tells you to wake up, try and do so and follow his steps. Soon you will become an angel one you have followed his orders. Some side effects are: pain on shoulder blades, vomiting your human cells and replacing them with Angel cells, wanting to fly, really tired and weak. Be blessed and good luck!


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