Demonic Angel Wolf

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Nothing

A Demonic Angel Wolf to put that simply it's a Werewolf that's half angle and half demon it is a werewolf that looks a bit different do the demon part but no horns it will be a werewolf with angle wings.

Casting Instructions for 'Demonic Angel Wolf'

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Say 3-5 times or 10 times:

I call upon the werewolfs, angles,demons, and spirits of the moon, turn me into the Demonic Angel Wolf, my fur color will be (color), my eye color will be (color) and my elements will be ( choose 3 elements), and my wings color will be (color), my wings will be (length in inches) in length, my wings shall begin to grow in (minutes you them to start growing in) and my wings shall be fully grown in (days you want them full size in) I shall be able to transform at will and be able to transform without the aid of the moon, and shall not be able to change back to normal untill 1 hour after the transformation, this is my wish, so shall it be.

I dont know the side effects but they most likey include combined side effects from werewolf spells angle spells and demon spells, be warned you may think you can handle the pain but not even close youll be feeling more pain than anyone has ever felt before if this works.

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