Hurt Spells

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Spell Index => Health Spells => Hurt Spells
These are perhaps some of the most powerful, if not the most powerful health spells there are. When dealing with health you deal with the power of life and death, and these spells cause harm.

However, the spells included here are fairly weak, though in the hands of someone experienced they can still be fatal. It is said that the someone who miss-cast one of the deadly flu spells actually caused the Avian Flu outbreak in Asia.

There is no way to reverse these spells, but their power will discipate over time depending on the power of the caster.

More Free Hurt Spells

To Relieve Anxiety
Aftermath Curse
Calling Of Lucifer
Discord and Darkness
Flames of Victory charm
Grimner's Nid Curse
Harming Spell
Hex to bring Chaos
Maledictus Charm
Mirror Binding
Relieve Pain
Stop Yourself from Bleeding
The Cursing Psalm
Thou shalt be punished.
You've Angered The Wrong Witch
5 Irish Curses
A simple hurt curse
Acoda's Curse
an Ancient Egyptian curse
Angonizing Pain of Rain Spell
Ashes to Ashes
Aura Blade
Bad Luck For Enemies
Bags of Rice
Ball of Lightning Fritch
Black Curse
Black Death Revenge Spell
Bleeding Bones
Boil and Trouble
Break Hearts Spell
Bring back a lost love.
Bring Nightmares
Call a Ghost
Cast A Fire Ball
Cause Madness
Chaos Spell
Coma Curse
Contaminate Water
Cthulhu Revenge Spell
Curse Against Enemies
Curse bad luck
Curse of Illness
Curse to death
Cursing the Hidden Pain
Dark One Curse
Death and disruption brew
Death Spell
Destroy a Succubus
Devour a Victim's Soul
Draconic curse
Earth Fuse
Enemy Hex
Extreme Revenge
Fire Ball
Fire Health
Flame of Vengance
Flower power
Four Thieves Vinegar
From Dust to Dust
Getting over someone.
Goofer Dust
HALF DRAGON (continued)
Harm the Enemy
Harming/Revenge Spell
Headache Relief
Healing a Wound
Healing Family
Healing Potion
Heart of the Death
Heartbreak City
Hellfire (Lucifers' Echoes)
Hex to Chaos
How to become a Bad Luck Charm
Hurt Spell
I'm all ears
Invoke the Triangle
Invoking The Mistress Of Blood
Left hand of Shadow
Lemon Curse
Life Drain
Life or Death
Make fire on sight
Make someone Fall Ill
Making Air Weapons
Maledictus esto
Missfortune spell/curse
Morph drink
Mutiara-E Curse
Needle Pierced
Nose Cripple Curse (Risky)
Pain Spell
Poison Ivy
Prevent Backfire Spell
Protection From Someone
Protection Puppet
Punish a Lover for Leaving You
Realization Spell
Revenge Spell
Rock of Blood
Self infliction/illness
Shadow Control
ShUt Up .
Sigil Magic in Air
Slave Making Spell
Smooth transition spell
Song Of Nightmares
Soul Attack(W)
Spell of Destruction
Spell of Ruining
Spell to heal a broken heart
Stomach Ache!
Stop Hearing Someone
Summon Slenderman on an Enemy
The Curse of Ashton
The Spiderweb Cures.
Three Nights of Hell
Three Times Three
To Kill with Life
To Steal Angels Wings
Tornado Fist
Tree of headaches
Triple Hex
Vampire Blood Bend
Warning spell (Latin)
Weight loss spell
Anger Spell
Basic Curse
Break Up Spell
Countering a Hex
Curing Depression
Curse of the Burnt Blood
Death Curse by: Chercilla
Death of Nature
Demonic Revenge Spell
Easy bad luck spell
Energy Poison
Fears Image
Flame of death
Freezing an object or person
God healing
Hatred Towards Thy Ex Curse
Hunger for blood
Kekkaishi spell
Lightning psi ball
Misfortune Spell
Neko Spell (Revenge) *tested*
Nose Changing (Revenge)
Pain's Curse
Random Acid Reflux Spell
Reduction of Pain
Revenge Breakup Spell
Reverse a Candle Curse
Simple Animal Healing Spell
Split Ends
Stop an evil spell
Tears of Vengance
Vampiric Energy Drain
Vengeance 3.0
War Water Hex
Best karma spell I know *works*
Make Your Enemy Feel Your Hatred
Sorrow to happiness for five hours
Foregeting the Pain of a Lost One
Make an Abuser Leave a Relationship
How to put a curse on someone using Voodoo.
Posion Apple Sleeping Death Spell
Seven knobbed candle spell for overcoming enemies
Spell to Vanquish someone/thing
Tobecim Tobec Ujamim Manjaina Ujalim Tobec Dulacim Dulacim
Spell to Break Up a Friendnship
White Magic Spell to Bring About Justice/Karma
death potion
banish evil
bell witch curse
curse mark
detonating vail (darkness)
fire blast
halŠl potion
injury spell
kill a plant
pains to the hated
rose water
simple binding
to break a bond
torture spell
fire balls
harm a evil person etc
chilling hand(only for high lvl mages)
a spell to break up friendship/relationship
''As Long As I Live'' Fear
Bones of Anger Revenge Hex
Cursing an Enemy
End a Relationship
Gods/Goddesses Healing
Grimner's Nid Curse
Healing a Depression
Karma Spell
Make Someone Ill
Mental Attack
Nightmare Hex
Reversal of a simple Hex
Super Easy Revenge Spell
The game death
To Freeze your Ex
3 night of Hell candle spell
A simple bad luck spell
A Spell for Justice
Almighty Destruction Spell
Anger Curse
As Below Up Above
Bad Doll
Bad Luck Hex
Bags of Rice
Binding Spell
Black Death Curse
Blade Spirts
Bones of Anger Hex
Break Someone's Leg *TESTED*
Bring Bad Luck to enemies
Burning Touch
Call of Demons
Cause a Tragedy
Chant of Death
Cobweb Binding
Crossing Powder
Curse a Bully
Curse an Annoying Boy
Curse Ball
Curse Of Slight Pain
Cursed Stone/Leaf
Dark of Red
Dead Eye (Demonic)
Death Fetish
Decay Someone's Beauty
Destroy Beauty Hex
Discord and Darkness
Dragon Truth Spell
Egg Hex
Extreme Pain
Fire Ball
Fire Blast
Fire spell to banish spirits
Flower Attack Spell
Footprint Stab
Freeze out
Get revenge on someone
Give Him/Her A Mind Of A Frog
Goofer Dust
Happiness Spell
Harming Spell
Heal a Headache
Healing Chant
Healing paste
Healing Sore Throat Potion
Heart Protection Spell
Hel's Curse
Hexing Your Enemy
How To Curse Someone
Hurt Curse
Hypnos's Nightmare hex
Insomnia Spell
Invoking Hel
Karma Spell
KILL spell
Lemon Curse
Lemon Curse
Life Force Transference
Make a person sick
Make headaches go away
Make Someone Sick
Maledictus Charm
Medusa Spell
Music note familiars
Natural Healing Potion
Nid Cursing
Of creation curse
Plant and animal Killing Spell
Powerful Curse
Prolonged suffering ritual
Protection of your Mind
Psychic Attack
Revenge on Your Ex
Revenge Spell
Rupture Spirit
Sexual Hurt
Shadow Hand. Umbra Manu.
Smitten Battered Beaten Torn
Son of Satan
Song Of Nightmares
Soul Spear
Spell of Harming
Spell of the Mind
Spirit Arrow
Stones of Sorrow
Summon Luicfers Daughter
The angry eye
The Hex Jar
The True Black Dot
Three times Three
To Cause a Headache
To Spread Cancer
Tormentia Curse
Torture curse
Trickster Mash up-Mix up
Virtual Nid
Wave Song...
Wolf Gardian
Aura Weapons
Black Orb Curse
Bring Pain Inside-Out
Crushed by Fate
Curse of Misery
Curse your Enemies
Death of a foe
Death wish (revenge spell)
Dust Hex
Egyptian Destruction Spell
Fire Guardian
Full moon
Harleen's Bottle Hex
Hel's Curse
Incurable Disease Spell
KK 10's Spell
Mirror to Death
Necronomicon Killing Hex
Pain Spell
Quick Hex
Real working Revenge Spell
Remove empathic pain
Revenge Spell
Seth's revenge
Spell of Curruption
Steal peoples Psi Energy
Sweet Revenge Hex
The Rose Spell
Vanity Insanity
Voice of Pain
Witch's Hex
Easy Revenge Spell---No Ingredients
Mind Control (based on a spell that disappeared on this website)
To Achieve your Heartís Desire
Haunt A Old Friend Who Has Become An Enemy
Alchemic Potion No.2 Death Potion
Physical and Spiritual Connection Spell
Send Bad Luck to another Person
Spell to make someone's hair fall out
The Curse of Death ritual spell
3 Quick Spells to Bind Someone From Harming You (WolfWitch)
The Briar Bottle or Bottle of Briars
black cat jinx
the witches curse
banish your power
curse from the grave
death to thee
fire and ice blast
fluffy death spell
heart pain spell
injury spell
killing touch
revenge spell
shadow gust
stun bolt
to kill with berries
vicious hex
get my revenge spell
quick elemntal strike
revenge spell
needle pressure for your enemy(really works)
send your enemies off to there doom


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