Hatred Towards Thy Ex Curse

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • A thought of an ex or picture or something that was given to you.
  • Concentration
  • Hate
  • Quiet room
  • Paper
  • Pen
  • Candle
  • Something to calm you down afterwards

This spell takes a lot of concentration, it's not wise to use curses, but sometimes hate takes over. This is fairly simple, but takes a lot of energy, please becareful..

Casting Instructions for 'Hatred Towards Thy Ex Curse'

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Since this spells easy here is what you need to do, stare or think of your ex (an ex) someone that really makes you mad, now write down what you wish to happen to him.

(example I thought so hard for my ex to get in a very bad car accident, he made me so furious, a year later he almost died from a car accident, he totalled his BMW, but if you don't want to be that drastic that's fine.)

Focus your hate on the paper in a dark quiet room, try to shed a tear or two let it land on the paper. Light your candle, slowly burn the paper and say

"You hurt me in the past, but this burning paper is my revenge, after it is fulfilled I will be free from you, I will no longer feel the pain you gave me, the hate you caused, and the heart your shattered, this is my gift to you, so mote it be."

After, make or do something that relaxes you, get your mind off the hate. Let yourself restore your energy, and slowly let comfort take over your heart.

The curse will take some time, even a lot of concentration the first night, if you feel if it's stronger to keep doing it for a few days then go ahead. Just know there are some side effects, fatigue loss, depression, crying softly, and feeling completely lost. Relaxing will make the symptoms go away, even make you feel refreshed the next day.

But please becareful, as all curses can come back and cause damage, especially if he/she gets severely hurt, and you want to take it back and can't.

Only use this if you truly need it.


This article was contributed by ShadowBonder

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