Make Your Enemy Feel Your Hatred

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Intense Feelings of Anger/Betrayal Piece of blank paper
  • The victims picture
  • One Black candle
  • Red Pen
  • A knife (sharp)
  • A few drops of your blood (optional, but EXTREMELY effective)

When I first used this spell, I just did what I felt naturally out of pure anger/betrayal. The intention of this hex is not to really bring legitimate harm to the victim, more so make them feel the overwhelming hatred you have towards them. This hex will make the victim feel extremely uncomfortable due to the hateful energy you are sending to them. The results of this hex were a complete success in causing my enemy to be fearful of me as well as feel my hatred towards them. It is intended to make them feel your hatred for eternity and CANNOT BE REVERSED. Needless to say, they stayed away from me from that point on.

Casting Instructions for 'Make Your Enemy Feel Your Hatred'

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This spell works best on the night of the Full Moon. At the time of this spell, you should have intense anger and feel bitterness towards your enemy.

Start carving the word "Hatred" into the black candle with your knife, then lighting it. On the piece of paper, write the name of your enemy with the red pen. Stare at the picture of your enemy and focus your rage. Drip the black wax onto the picture while chanting,

"Hatred grows within my heart,
And now I wish for it to part
To burn within my victims soul
And may it make a gaping hole

Within their heart I decree they feel
The anger inside me that will not heal
Make them cringe and make them fear
My very presence when I am near

In their bones may my power stay
And may the burden never go away
For the rest of time let them know
That this hatred will eternally show."

Go outside with the piece of paper, their picture, the candle, and the knife. Put the piece of paper on the ground with the picture on top of it, covering their name.

(At this point, I used the knife to make a small cut on my arm, enough to produce a small amount of blood and got some blood to stay on the knife. I then used the knife to stab the picture of the victim, jutting the knife into the ground. Using your own blood is a very effective way to seal as well as increase the power of the spell. You do not have to do this part if you do not feel comfortable with it. Instead just stab the picture without the use of your blood.)

Using your candle, light the corner of the piece of paper to set it on fire. As you watch the flames ignite and begin to burn the paper and the picture chant 6 times,

"May you now feel my eternal wrath"

When there is nothing left but ashes, retrieve the knife, and bring your candle inside. Put the candle in a safe place to burn out for the rest of the night. When the candle finally burns out, the hex has been put into place. If you have second thoughts about this hex after doing it, before the candle has the chance to burn out, use sea salt water to pour over the candle to put the flame out and the hex will not manifest.


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