Cat Curse

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Alone in an open space (such as a back garden etc.)
  • A good imagination
  • (OPTIONAL) A familiar to strengthen your curse

This is a revenge curse - do not use this if you've just had a small quarrel with your best friend! Use it on your enemy/ies or nemesis.

Casting Instructions for 'Cat Curse'

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You must meditate for at least ten minutes before performing this spell, summoning your victim's face up within your imagination. Next, summon up all your anger, remembering what they did to you in the past. You have to have this anger to channel all the strength you have into the spell, otherwise it will last three days at a maximum. Make sure you want them dead, because, if cast correctly, this curse will last an eternity.

Then, get back into your meditation pose and chant the following:

"I wish to punish (victim name),
For all they've done to me,
I wish to transform him/her,
Into something that they seem to me,
Transform them into the exact,
Replica of a cat,
With fur the colour of darkness,
And eyes the colour of black,
I wish to make them see themselves,
And feel the purest guilt,
And I wish for this to last eternity,
So mote it be."

Once you are done, you may cast it again to strengthen it. If you have a familiar, then thank them for their help in casting the curse.


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