Incurable Disease Spell

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • - A small fire
  • - A piece of the victims hair
  • - A length of cord/ribbon
  • - A clipping of thyme
  • - A container/big jar

A spell to give your worst enemies horrible and incurable diseases!

Casting Instructions for 'Incurable Disease Spell'

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   =>Incurable Disease
1/ Set alight your small fire on a flat surface (a patio would be perfect)
2/ Get your victims hair and your clipping of thyme and tie them together with the chord/ribbon
3/ Hold the bundle above the fire and say

'__________ I have warned you once,
I have warned you twice,
yet you take no heed to my advice,
through smoke and flame,
I'll send you pain,
no remedy shall cure your ill,
nor potion, poultice, drug or pill,
when your ailment ends is up to me,
I have spoken so mote it be!'

4/ Drop the bundle into the flames.
5/ Once the fire has died and the remaining ashes are cool, gather as much of the fire remains as you can (removing all large pieces of wood /coal) and place them into the container/big jar.

To release the victim of the spell add water into the ash collected from the fire and mix until it forms a paste. Then using one of your fingers or your thumb from your power hand (the hand you write with) dip it in the paste and wipe the paste onto the brow of the victim and say
'You are cured,
you are free,
I have spoken so mote it be!'


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