How to meet your Spirit or Astral Guide

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • (Optional) An mostly awakened third eye
  • (Optional) Comfortable quite area

I will explain how you can meet your spirit guide. Small tip they may come in many shapes or forms humanoid or like creatures, animals, gods etc it all depends

Casting Instructions for 'How to meet your Spirit or Astral Guide'

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1. Sit down somewhere with no noise or sound
2. Sit in a meditative stance or any other comfortable way
3. Close your eyes and sit their waiting and thinking what you will send to your guide
4. Tell it to respond to you and focus and try to go all the way inside the core of your subconsciousness
5. Wait for a response this may come in words or letters that are visual and if the connection is good enough vocal words maybe even vocally and visually but only expect a response
6. Once responded talk to it and this may take a while all depends on how badly or deeply want to meet him or her
7. Well thats how you do it in a nut shell hope it helps all of you and works for all of you :)

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