Mermaid Transformation Spell




This spell will turn you into a mermaid. This is my first spell so no hate please _

Spell Casting

Take a bowl and fill it up with water. Add salt and stir (DO NOT PUT A LOT A LOT OF SALT! You will soon be drinking it). Dip your hand in the bowl, close your eyes, and imagine yourself swimming freely in the ocean with your (blue) tail and using your powers. Open your eyes and say the following spell:

Gods up high, gods down deep
I want a tail, not two feet
I only ask for this one request
So now it's time to put your powers to the test
When I close my eyes and say the word "Mermaid"
I will get a tail, as blue and the sea
But when I say the word "Human"
I return back, with two legs and two feet
I have one more request and I hate to be a bother
But I would like to have the power of heating, freezing, and controlling water
This spell will take action in 3 hours
Please gods, make me what I wish to be

Say x3
Take your had out the bowl and drink it. Let your hand air dry.
This spell should take action in 3 hours, but don't forget to believe and it will work!
Side effects will vary.
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