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A jinx to make someone learn from their mistake - the hard way.

Casting Instructions for 'Make Them Learn - Jinx'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Brown paper
  • A marker
  • String
  • Chili flakes / powder
  • A candle (red preferred, but any color is okay)
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Brown paper
  • A marker
  • String
  • Chili flakes / powder
  • A candle (red preferred, but any color is okay)

Start out by casting a circle - no need to cleanse, as we want negative energy and anger to fuel this spell.

Take your paper and write the receiving ends name on it. On that same paper, write your intentions as well (ex. have a nightmare, have bad luck for a day - something small as this is only a jinx)

Rub the chili on the paper to give it some extra kick.

Drip a small amount of wax on the paper just to seal the chili in. While you do that, chant:

"Make it sting, make it burn, make (him/her) learn"

Afterwards, fold the paper fully and wrap the string around it. Seal the string with wax as well, repeat the chant once more.

Put the finished product in the freezer to freeze out the receiver until they've learned their lesson. You can take out the spell whenever you feel like it.


Added to on Nov 04, 2021
Last edited on Jul 03, 2023
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just for advice if you wanna more effective, make a simple human figure and write your intention circling around the simple human figure or specific organ, just a simple figure complete with eyes, ears, mouth, nose, and also male or female. Don't let the paper you fold, fall to the ground as the energy maybe grounding. Don't place the cursing beside the foods

Feb 28, 2022
Thank you for the recommendation! A figure or a doll could definitely make this spell stronger.

Fold the paper away from you since you are sending it away. I would not place it in the freezer as freezers are meant to stop habits. Unless your intention is to make them stop without any harm befalling them, I would not place the paper in the freezer. Set it on fire.

Jan 03, 2023
When you burn it won’t that make it last longer? You would not be able to end it…

Jan 04, 2023
Each element has its own wisdom and strengths. Freezing something stops the energy. Fire unleashes it instantly. It would be harder to reverse a spell you burned, but you should not cast spells with the idea ''if I change my mind, I'll reverse it'' since your average spell is a quick gain type reason. You need money for a bill. You want a second date. Your want a promotion. The energy will end once the goal is achieved. Fire is the most active element and ideal for a burst of energy and quick results. You want someone to be shoved down a flight of stairs, not gently guided and then a little stumble on the last step. Fire will be that ''shove'' energy and then vanish. This spell is not meant to linger for generations. This spell is meant for a quick lesson. A freezer spell works to stop the behaviour. A fire spell would be your way of fighting back. Both are great options, but if you were wanting revenge, a freezer spell would not be it.

Jul 03, 2023
As I wrote on the spell, this is a temporary spell to make someone realize their mistake, which is why I chose to add the freezer. Kind of like a warning and to symbolically ''freeze them out of your life'' until they've realized their wrongdoings - like I wrote, a jinx. You're right, if it was to hit harder I would definitely burn it. But this is a jinx and not a curse or hex and not with extreme and/or irreversible outcomes. There's other spells for that! :) I disagree with what you wrote about not casting spells that can be reversed, but you're entitled to your own opinion. Personally I don't practice Magick for quick fixes or easy gains, I believe everyone is entitled to learn from their mistakes or to better themselves - and this spell was intended to just speed that process up a bit. I've found it quite succesful in doing that. I hope this helps and I thank you for your input, you didn't say anything wrong per se but I don't entirely agree with your belief regarding reversible spells.

Can i use a pencil or pen instead of a marker?

Apr 24, 2024
As long as it is a writing implement that makes a permanent mark on the paper when you use it, it will work just fine. If you have the option, use red ink as the color is active and would add to the energy and intent. Black would be good too. Blue is more of a relaxed/cooling color so only use that if you don't have another option.

Heck, if you happen to be able to get your hands on Dragon's Blood ink (a product made withdragon's blood resin) you can use that for extra Oomph.

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