Opening Your Chakras

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • A pendulum (perferebly with a color cord associated with the chakra you are attempting to open)
  • A nice quite space to meditate

A way to help open your chakras through meditation and dowsing. You wouldn't need much experience for this exercise; it is mainly intended for those who are having a hard time opening their third-eye chakra.

Casting Instructions for 'Opening Your Chakras'

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Meditate. Use any sort of mediation you like that gets you into a nice, calm state. Once you are calm, focus on this chakra that you would like to open up. Maybe visualize its color in the form of a flower, slowly blooming. When you feel that you have done this sufficiently, you can start with the dowsing.
Hold the pendulum in the proper manner if possible. However, if you are working on the chakras in the head and the cord is long, you may want to hold it by the cord. Make sure the knob (the bottom part, what ever you may call it) is aligned with the chakra you wish to open. Spin it in the deosil fashion (clock wise) slowly, and say this or something like it:
"Chakra of -insert chakra name-,
I need your guidance,
I need your strength.
Open for me
and show me what I must see."
I suppose you could do this until your arm gets tired... Just make sure you feel right with stopping.
When you are done, take a break on your magickal usage for a bit... I've been told this exercise can be very tiring. I have not had to use it; I came up with it for a friend.


This article was contributed by xXxOraxXx

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