How to become a mermaid


- Water.
- Yourself.
- Belief.


This will let you become a mermaid when you are wet and breathe underwater, boys can do it as well, but it takes a little longer. It can take up to a month but be careful because it can come sooner.

Spell Casting

Say this WHEN WET:
Insouciant inclemency
Redoubtable mediocracy
Refutable humanity
Make me what I wish to be…..
Witches one and witches all
Give this power to me
Repeat 10 times

you can say this anytime, not necessarily on a full moon. You do not get to choose your tail color or power but the powers are: Heating, freezing, controlling water and mind reading.
(No credit to me, but do mail me if it works because I would really like to know thanx ;)
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