How to make our own tarot cards

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Easy how to make Tarot Cards.

How to make our own tarot cards:

Creating your own Tarot cards can be as easy or as difficult as you wish. Some people may want to use cards made from card stock which is a bit more expensive while others may decide to take a pack of playing cards and past pictures from the tarot on one side. Either way you go about it, it will serve its intended purpose.

If you have a deck of playing cards and you want to simply cut and paste pictures on one side of the cards, find a site on line that has Tarot pictures you like, copy a few to a piece of paper in your printing, picture or thumb nail area and print the pictures off. You can cut them out and past them to the cards giving you tarot cards. I suggest using the stick glue for this or making sure if you?re using Elmer?s glue it is smooth on the playing cards.

If you have the financial means to purchase heavy card stock paper, you can copy and paste pictures found on line onto the paper, print it out and cut out the cards.

If you chose to make your cards using file cards, you may use the same copy and paste method as written above and past them onto file cards.

If you are a very creative person and have computer skills, you may want to merge different pictures together to make your cards and color them to your desire before pasting the pictures on the cards. Some people may feel they would like to physically draw the pictures on the cards which works as well.

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