Consecration of Ritual Tools

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This consecration is for preparing your tools. Follow the instructions and ask me if you have any questions.

You will need the following candles a white for truth and purity, a purple for power and ambition, and a light blue for tranquility and patience. The size of the candle makes no difference. Light these prior to begining the spell. Clear your mind well then burn for a few moments.

The ritual must be performed at night, outside and on a night with a full moon.

The ritual must be repeated for each tool you wish to bless.

The ritual goes like this:

I pray to thy moon so full and bright

Aid me in my quest tonight

I wish to bless this (tool) pure and right

I call on the elements to aid me in my flight

Hail to the guardian of the North

I call upon you to bless this(your tool)

Hail to the guardian of the East

I call upon you to bless this (your tool)

Hail to the guardian of the South

I call upon you to bless this (your tool)

Hail to the guardian of the West

I call upon you to bless this (your tool)

I unite all the elements tonight to aid me

I ask for you to share your righteous energy

Hold the (your tool) up to the moon for a few seconds.

I give thanks to the guardians and bless this (your tool) from the energy within me.

I pronounce this (your tool) blessed, so may it be.

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