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the meanings of candle flames

When doing magick and using candles, have you ever noticed the flames always burn different?

Let me explain on the meanings of the flames.

Observe what your candle is trying to tell you. Open your mind and allow the candle to talk to you in it's own language.

*Strong Flame: The power that you are calling forth is moving into your desires for manifestation. This strong flame shows strength in the user of the object of the spell.

*Weak Flame: On a figure candle, this could mean that the subject is losing the battle and should consider other options. This can also show that you are facing strong opposition and your magick may have to be repeated to be achieved.

*Jumping Flame: This can indicate explosions or bursts of energy be transmitted. Raw emotions or chaotic energies could be at work. Am angry argument could be taking place or a heated discussion.

Rainbow Flame: If your flame is composed of various colours this indicates that there are outside influences at work that may be beyond the power of the questioner. Colours can also show that the question may be best answered at a later date. The factors involved may need a change to develop and evolve for a clearer view of what may occur.

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