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A short simple textual guide to create a Psi Ball on behalf of Sir_Prize

Things you need: Your mind Hands (If you have never used done it before) Comfortable Place 5 minutes+

Psi balls, are energy balls that are useful for practicing on and the basics to psi energy. I hope this will help you with learning how to make a psi ball, Good Luck =]

This is to make a very simple psi ball, you should warm up your hands first or else the coldness could be the reason why it is very hard for you to make a psi ball, or feel the sensations you would feel if your hands were at normal body temperature. 1. Sit in a comfortable position, preferably in a cross-legged position.
2. Curl your tongue back, so that the tip/back of the tongue touches the top of your mouth.
3. Hold out hands in front of you, as if they were holding a cake tin that is used for baking.
4. Rest your elbows on your cross-legged thighs.
5. Each of your hands should be spaced apart so that the length between them is the same length as your pelvis.
6. Relax your body, your back does not need to be straight, as long as you're very comfortable, it's all good.
7. Try to get into a meditative mood, or a calm mood.
8. Imagine a ball, a ball of energy, one that will spring back into your hands if you press them.
9. Now use your hands (mentally) to squeeze the ball, not actually with your muscles, but in your mind.
Note: When you first attempt this, usually, your hands will be stiff or slightly tense. Relax them again, and try again.
10. Try pushing the ball slightly harder, with your mind once again, and be very careful to keep your hands relaxed.
11. Now with the ball in your hands, if you can still feel it, move your hands together, or one hand closer to the other, and feel the sensations that the psi ball brings. The sensations you get, I will not spoil for you, or mental influence may interfere.

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