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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • white household candle
  • your own mind to concentrate on sleep and nothing else

This spell is to soothe one's raging spirit so that that one's internal operations can be restored to the natural order. It is also highly effective in counter-acting nightmare curses which I also happen to specialize in.

Casting Instructions for 'Sleep Spell'

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Take a white household candle and light it without saying a word. Walk counterclockwise around your bed three times. As you do this, project simple protective phrases into the walls, (keep me safe, etc.) Next walk counterclockwise three times in silence, meditating on postive, restful phrases. Finally, blow out the candle, whisper the word "sleep" and turn in for the night.

Final instructions: This spell does not need to be repeated; once cast, it will have effect so long as the original candle that it was cast on still stands. To reactivate the spell each night if you continue to have difficultly sleeping, simply light the same candle which was used during the original casting for a few minutes and whisper sleep before going to bed again. When the original candle is completely depleted and... if you still have sleeping problems, re-cast spell with new candle.

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