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Teen Witches
This is a school, a home, a family. We are for all those of any age who are interested in magic, whether they be experienced or brand new. We offer no moral guidelines, but a place to learn and share, free of any judgement.
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Welcome to the Academy

Yes! We ARE accepting new members!

Teen Witches was one of the first covens on this site, so naturally, being here so long, it has had a diverse history few know of. For some time the coven originally focused on having only teenagers in the coven, but as there are beginners of all ages, this was revisited and we now accept members of all ages.

Our coven is one of learning and growing, however we work towards a family and Academy atmosphere. We have much information on how to start when first starting out, whether it be path specific or general. We will be sharing experiences, sharing and explaining paths, and working towards helping everyone meet there goals on their own personal journeys. Teen Witches will be expanding and growing to become an Academy, hopefully teaching newcomers to become experienced and well-taught practitioners.

What We Can Offer:

We offer a wide variety of information on the craft in general. We work, mentor, and give information on all things to do with witchcraft. Information is the key to helping find your path and we do not discriminate on any subject. We believe that it is your choice on what you want to practice and learn.

Our Forums:

Since we have people from varying paths we have knowledge from different aspects of the craft. Be that positive or negative. As stated before we do not discriminate. That being said, we offer information on topics of all kinds. We consider information to be vitally important to a persons practice and path, so we would rather give all the information we can on the topic than leave someone to stumble into trouble.

We focus on mentoring those new to the craft, rather than reject them based on their own ignorance. Their ignorance is only because they lack the guidance needed. We were all young and inexperienced at one time.

Yes, we do discuss more than just magick. Our topics can range from magick related subjects to non-magick related subjects. We consider it important to address any of the concerns or questions our members have, and spend our time and effort attempting to be the best coven we can be.

Membership & Applications:

Please send the following to the Priestess, Theia:

  1. What is your age?
  2. How would you describe yourself as a practitioner? Please explain your path, and what you practice!
  3. How many years have you studied and practiced?
  4. What are you looking to benefit by joining? What are you hoping to achieve?
  5. What can you offer towards our community?
  6. What were your past accounts/usernames, if you ever had any? (Answering this question by lying results in automatic rejection)
  7. If you were a member of another coven, which one? Why did you leave?

Having a bio and an image on your profile is imperative. It lets us know more about you, which you haven't included in your application. Since we are a community and a whole, your applications will be viewed via forum and taken a vote upon. We look at your forum activity history, profile, application to help us decide if you will be accepted into Teen Witches. It also helps us decide on if you would be a suitable mentor for others in the coven.

If you wish to speak to us about anything at all, please feel free to message the Priestess and Council member(s), they will always answer your questions, comments, and concerns.

High Priestess :
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