Familiar Dream

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • A paper
  • A bed
  • A new or quarter moon

A simple and efficient spell to allow you to contact your familiar through a Dream, and eventually in reality.

Casting Instructions for 'Familiar Dream'

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Picture the animal you wish to be your familiar. Imagine every detail about that animal; Their eyes, their fur or scales, their texture, shape, size, etc.

Write down the name you wish to give this animal and fold the paper. Place the paper under your pillow as you fall asleep. A new or crescent moon is best for this occasion.

As you sleep, you should dream of your animal. If you do, then your familiar has approached you. In the morning, as soon as you remember the dream, write on the paper "My familiar, I thank you for approaching me. I accept your request to join me." When this is written, ask a question in your mind.

"Is your name {given name of familiar}?"

If done correctly, you should hear some sort of sound outside, be it a thud or a scratch or a bump. When this is heard, your familiar has joined you in the waking world.

Within a few days, you should see your familiar in reality. Only you can see them unless you allow others to, but only with permission of your familiar.

The type of animal you pick should reflect your personality. If not, then it may not work properly.


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