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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • - 5 white candles
  • - holy water in a chalice ( optional )
  • - dark room
  • - any moon phase except new moon
  • - quiet
  • - concentration
  • - belief
  • - meditation skills

this is just a spell im trying i guess

Casting Instructions for 'Angel Spell xx'

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first, put all 5 candles in the shape of the pentagram, and if you do have holy water, put it in the upper-middle of the star. sit as close to the middle as you can, and meditate for a while. imagine your wings growing from your back and lightly flapping.

open your eyes when you feel comfortable, and say: "angels soaring high, above the sky, take me into thy loving care, give me wings, carry me through the air, give me wings to make me free, this is my wish, so mote it be!"

you can't say this in a whisper, so say it normally or slightly louder, and say it as much as you wish. then if you have it, sprinkle the holy water over your head, and then sprinkle it over your shoulder blades, and then sip it. try to avoid talking for a while unless necessary.

side effects:

- back aches

- nausea

- fever

- stomach aches

- possible muscle weakness

don't let anyone see your wings firsthand, or they will disappear. and also, if anyone sees you, it looks like a trick of the eye or a big bird. enjoy!


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