The same dream but differ

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> The same dream but differ

The same dream but differ
Post # 1
Okay it reminds me of a old dream thst i had but it was more futuristic...

I guess something happened to the world and i was stuck with these group of kids and we had to follow this leader out of the bunch. Well in the dream i want to escape...but he wouldn't let me. I destroyed the group by tricking them and ran away...(this dream happened a long time ago)

Well i kinda returned. ..the world was in chaos and i wad sent back into the world where the group was. The leader and a girl two others started chasing me to capture me but i managed to hide. When they stopped chasing me the leader stopped and shouted my name. Then he turned to his followers and said "she ruined everything! If it wasn't for her we could have survived. When i catch up to her im gonna kill her."

I managed to run away from where they are and came across a old abandon house covered with trees near a swamp. I was about to enter the house when a old lady popped out of nowhere. She asked what i was doing and i told her that someone was hunting me down. I asked her how to get out of here. She said when i was younger i came to her seeking a way out. She said that she helped me but cant help me a second time. I asked why they were chasing me and she said that when disasters happen the children formed a group to survive. One boy was getting too controlling and scary and kids where too afraid to stand up to him except me.

I told him that i was leaving and he wouldn't let me...kept me prisoner and treated me like one. I eventually escaped by saying the i would be good then hit him with something and ran away. I found the lady's place and asked her to free me and she took me out by waking me up. This time the lady said that i have unfinished businesses to do and that i must go back and fight him.

So when night came i snuck up behind trees while they were sleep and i was about to attack when a girl sneak attacked me . She screamed for the others to wake up but i flipped her over and knocked her out. The leader saw everything and had a evil look in his eyes...he was my age.
He said that he gave me everything and i destroyed it. I told him he had no right to lead like he did. He attacked me and push me to the ground and wrapped his arms around me in a head lock... He was whispering something in my ear when i woke up.
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Re: The same dream but differ
Post # 2
about the summary of your first dream where you escape from a group by tricking them and something happened to the world. i think it means that you are breaking free from the crowd, not going along with societal conventions. the group had been pressuring you into doing bad things that would have consequences in your life and you wanted to break free from them. when you returned to the world and the group was chasing you, it could mean that even though you broke free and became more of yourself, there is a tie or a pressure that leads you back to that group. you standing up to the leader could mean that you are gaining confidence in your life to stand up for what you believe in, but you still have some pressure from the group. the old lady could be a spirit guide that helped you once in your life and now is telling you to work on making your choices. it is true that people stick together in times of trouble which is what may be happening with you in this dream. when you are out in the world working on being yourself, sometimes other influences pull you and you bend to them b/c you don't want to travel alone in finding who you are in life. the leader of the group could be a person who is repressing you in life that you are working on standing up to and the two girls chasing after you could represent the pressure of being pulled back to societal conventions when you want to be yourself. when you attack the group, you demonstrate your own power and self-assuredness, it could also represent you not letting others boss you around. when the leader said that "he gave you everything and you destroyed it.", it could mean that the leader gave you a sense of being part of a group, a sense of power and when you challenged him and escaped.
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Re: The same dream but differ
Post # 3
Lol that is really good to think on...but the omly problem is...i dreamed about this dream twice in different ages. I was around 5 or 8 years old when i joined the group and escaped but two days ago i dream of me returninh back there at my age (which is 16) when half of the group is gone and the leader and two girls was rhe only ones to survive. It was almost like living in the present of the dream. I do that a lot...actually im gonna post one dream that lasted for three days.
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