Protection spell guidance

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Protection spell guidance
Post # 1
I need help, I'm expecting a nephew in November and I want a spell for enchanting a charm for protection against evil spirits. Just a random question is it possible to add a spell onto it for attracting love and light spirits?
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Re: Protection spell guidance
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
In my experience, talismans and amulets should always stick with one goal for best results. If you want charms to protect against spirits, attract love and attract spirits of light (solar) then you would need three different charms. It would make a delightful charm bracelet! :)

I really enjoyed riffling through Judika Illes Encyclopedias for some interesting and fun charms from around the world. Some are specifically for pregnancy and babies, which would be perfect for not only your nephew, but the mother to be right now. I copied down a few of them here a while back when an expecting mother asked for ways to protect herself and unborn. They're big books but nearly every bookstore I've ever been to carries one. Just grab a coffee and a comfy chair there and sift through the monster books (they really are huge).
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Re: Protection spell guidance
By: / Novice
Post # 3
I would suggest bindrunes as a good method of protection. It's a process in which you combine different runes to make an even more powerful rune refered to as a bindrune. You can make bindrunes for protection and personal enhancement/advancement. If you want to know how to make and use bindrunes, check out the site links below (Copy and past into browser.):
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Re: Protection spell guidance
By: / Novice
Post # 4
These links might be abit more helpful though. The priestess of the coven I'm in showed me these sites. They should help you alittle bit more on the subject of bindrunes and how to construct and use them.
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