kundalini and magick.

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> kundalini and magick.

kundalini and magick.
Post # 1
No book, video, or person can provide the information for acension. Nor is it the end all of spiritual power, to me it was just the beggining. We are all different as individuals.

It must occur naturally, for everything is. It happened to me during a car accident. We cartwheeled and landed upside down with no seatbelts, and the windows were down. I did not think, I let my instincts take over. From what i remeber, it saved my life and it felt like my whole body was flexing and i was looking into sun withought my eyes hurting.

I did not even go to the hospital, i was fine except my spine felt wierd and i was breathing heavily throughout the day. I can tap into a higher conciousness that is fully control of all emotions by having no emotions at all no fear of death for there is no such thing.

I also have power surges, and can sense when spirits are around when my spine feels like its moving like a snake and my whole body twitches, goose bumps follow up right after.

Magick is also connected for everything follows a pattern. Now you do not need anything except your mind, in order to tap into magick, it is a feeling. Spells or words that people make were only used to help them remeber a certain frequency of emotion. Sort of like the wireless internet connecting on a frequency this is how all our minds work. Still dont belieave what you cant see?
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Re: kundalini and magick.
Post # 2
Near death experiences have been known to open magickal awareness. And yes you only need your mind. But its not just I want this to happen and bam. Even though we don't need to click our heels and chant their are still ways that are better or more efficient then others.
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Re: kundalini and magick.
By: / Novice
Post # 3
Well Anomaly, Sounds like you have had a powerful experience. I've had similar experiences being thrown up and down the mat by experienced Aikidoka. Sounds like you still have some side effects from the kundalini, but that is to be expected.

You are correct about using power. Unfortunately there is more to magic than that. Being able to manipulate energy and awareness of energy is only a side effect. Real magic occurs in personal development, personal growth and becoming more than what we are. You have a level of awareness, and that is good. But there is still more to do. Ascention is more than energy manipulation.

You also have some valuable insight into the way things are. Sounds like you are on your own path there. Remember that your path may not be the right path for everyone. There is no wrong path.

Keep going!


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Re: kundalini and magick.
Post # 4
like i said we are all individuals, and i did not make it seem like poof there goes magick dillon. Infact it was the opposite, yes there is much more to acension than energy manipulation care to elaborate?
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